Established in 1988.Center City office established after certifying to teach in 1988 and Delaware County home studio established 1990.



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Alexander Technique Philadelphia - Center City has 5 stars.
Alexander Technique Philadelphia - Center City is open Mon, Thu.
The Alexander Technique is a transformative method that helps individuals break free from harmful habits, allowing them to restore comfort, power, and ease in their everyday activities. By focusing on constructive thinking and mindful movement, this technique aids in returning to natural functioning and feeling at home within one's body.
The Alexander Technique is designed for everyone. It provides a gentle, non-invasive approach to improving posture, mindset, and movement. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, including musicians, seniors, remote workers, office professionals, and those seeking injury rehabilitation.
Musicians of all levels and genres can experience advantages from the Alexander Technique. It improves posture, reduces tension, and increases body awareness, allowing for greater ease and freedom while playing. Additionally, it helps manage performance anxiety, enhances breathing, tone, and sound quality.
Remote workers and office professionals can benefit significantly from the Alexander Technique. By incorporating mindful movement and ergonomic practices, it helps mitigate the challenges of extended sitting and repetitive tasks. This technique optimizes well-being, posture, muscle tension reduction, and mental clarity in various workplace settings.
The Alexander Technique is empowering for seniors of all physical conditions. It enhances posture, balance, coordination, and mobility. Seniors can experience relief from chronic pain, improved breathing efficiency, and increased mindfulness in movement, leading to enhanced confidence, independence, and vitality.
Yes, the Alexander Technique offers valuable benefits for injury rehabilitation. It fosters body awareness, optimal alignment, and healthier movement patterns, ultimately reducing strain and tension. It complements existing rehabilitation programs by enhancing coordination, balance, and flexibility. However, it's important to consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice and treatment plans.
Ariel Weiss, a Philadelphia-based instructor, offers various online Alexander Technique instruction options. You can participate in online classes, enroll in video courses, or schedule private lessons. Additionally, Ariel's Monthly Pass subscriptions provide better value and flexibility, allowing you to tailor your learning and growth experience at your own pace.

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