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Lancaster Rehabilitation Hospital has 4.3 stars.
Lancaster Rehabilitation Hospital is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.
Lancaster Rehabilitation Hospital is a state-of-the-art, 59-bed inpatient acute rehabilitation hospital dedicated to providing specialized treatment and recovery for individuals who have experienced the debilitating effects of severe injuries or illnesses.
We offer customized, intense rehabilitation programs tailored to the individual needs of patients recovering from various conditions, including stroke, brain injury, neurological conditions, trauma, spinal cord injury, amputation, and orthopedic injury.
Our doctor-supervised neurological rehabilitation program is designed for patients with brain, spinal cord, or nerve injuries. This program addresses difficulties in movement, speech, swallowing, breathing, and learning that can result from neurological injuries or diseases.
We provide comprehensive rehabilitation for patients with traumatic or non-traumatic spinal cord injuries. Our specialized and coordinated process aims to enhance physical, emotional, and psychological abilities in individuals with spinal cord injuries.
Our interdisciplinary team specializes in recognizing the unique needs of brain-injured individuals. We offer comprehensive care to address physical dysfunction, cognitive impairments, and behavioral issues associated with brain injuries.
Yes, we provide specialty care for stroke rehabilitation through a multidisciplinary team. Our goal is to help patients achieve a complete recovery from the physical and psychological effects of stroke by offering prevention, assessment, recognition, and treatment.
Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary team specializes in amputee care. We focus on restoring strength, confidence, function, and mobility, helping individuals regain independence and a satisfying life after amputation.
Our orthopedics program assists patients recovering from fractures, dislocations, or joint replacements. We help patients transition back to home and the community through various objectives such as gait training, muscle strengthening, fall safety, and daily activities training.
Lancaster Rehabilitation Hospital holds Joint Commission Certification, with specialty Stroke and Brain Injury Certification. Additionally, the hospital is CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) Certified, ensuring the highest quality and outcomes in care.
We value patient feedback. You can learn more about what our patients are saying about us or leave a review about your experience by visiting our Google profile. Your feedback is important to us as we strive to provide the highest level of care.

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Reviews for Lancaster Rehabilitation Hospital

Karen gohn

August 18, 2023

I liked it here. Everybody was nice. I had some needs and they never made me feel like a pest or a bother. They never made me feel embarrassed.

Tina Hansen

August 18, 2023

My mother was at Lancaster Rehab Hospital for 3 weeks and we were very impressed by how much progress she made. Her aides, nurses and the therapists were good, but her favorites were Michelle, Brenda, Henry, Emily, and her therapist, Paige! We recommend the facility to anyone needing inpatient rehab. We have no complaints, only a bit of advice: Be proactive about asking questions to make sure you know what is going on with your loved one.

William Torain

August 17, 2023

It was outstanding here. I was shocked at all the different things they gave me to do. When I got here, I couldn’t write my name, now I can. They are detailed, and give directions well. Dylan my PT, had creative ideas to help me. The staff are pleasant and kind. I would highly recommend, would not hesitate to come back if I had too, they do a hell of a job here! My Occupational Therapist was cool too!

Stephen Fisher

August 11, 2023

It was okay here. I had trouble with the food, as I have trouble eating sometimes. All the nurses and therapists were excellent. I would recommend here if you need thistype rehab.

sharon hickey

August 11, 2023

The therapy is amazing. They are smart and encouraging. I was shown how to walk again. The kindness and compassion of all the therapists is exemplary. I recommend LRH with all my heart. The nurses are also caring and kind. The care I received was phenomenal. 5 stars !!!!


August 9, 2023

I honestly was about to give up when I was in the other hospital. But I came here and they gave a glimmer of hope and turned me around to be successful to go home. It takes special people to take care of people like me. Lol It really was awesome here, not a bad person in the place. I liked my Doctor, Dr Yeager was wonderful. The nurses, therapists, everyone really were exceptional. Not a bad thing to say about this place. I'd give 10.5 stars if I could. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Jan Rutter

August 7, 2023

My husband was here and he said it was excellent! The ladies were fantastic. The staff have a great attitude. Some people he remembered were Marc ( new nurse), Justin in therapy, Anna his PT. Only issue he had was he thought the food was dry and made it hard for him to chew. He and I would recommend highly. It also helps it is close to home.

Peter Aguirre

August 7, 2023

I thought it was great here. Everybody who works here is kind, attentive and knew my needs. They also knew how to joke around with me. The couldn’t be nicer, even to the family visiting.

Nancy McTear

August 4, 2023

Super grateful I got to come here. There wasn’t a nasty person here at all. They were pleasant, and willing to help me. They made me feel my humanity, and never made me feel embarrassed or like a bother. I didn’t have to wait long to have my bell answered. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who would be fortunate to be accepted here. Special recognition to Cathy my nurse, and Paige and Alyssa, my therapists were wonderful. The food service workers were even wonderful.

james lambie

August 1, 2023

It was incredible here. The staff here are friendly, good natured, and most of all encouraging. They give feedback and praise. I want to commend Dee and Venus as exceptional: they were so compassionate and caring. There really is a long list of names of great staff, it would be so long. The therapy team was awesome, Kendra, Nicole and Erin. The care here is what makes it so special. Also high praise for Kathy the front desk receptionist, she is such a warm welcoming presence.