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Zhang's Relaxation Centre has 4.6 stars.
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Reviews for Zhang’s Relaxation Centre

Terrell Gray

July 28, 2023

Have been a client for years, my body feel completely rejuvenated every appointment. Would and have recommended to all my coworkers and friends.

Danielle DiNardo

June 5, 2023

Mary is amazing. And artist of her craft. Cash only but worth every penny. A little untraditional but that’s why I love this place. Been a customer for years.

Brandon begum

December 19, 2022

I saw Mary and she was amazing! I needed a lot of work, pressure, and it delivered by someone who knows their stuff. I was not disappointed. Mary is a master at her profession....If your body is tight and needs to be worked out, or if you just need regular maintenance this is the place!

Daniel Clemons

November 29, 2022

Very disappointed on Monday 11-28-22 had a 4:00 appointment and the there was a chain on the door as I was trying to open it and I thought that was kinda odd...she opened the door and asked me have I been her before I told her yes friend of mind treated me here for my birthdayf last year in she proceeded to take to the room as if she was in a hurry and made me kinda uncomfortable so she proceeded to massage me "RUSHING" me her phone kept ringing and she continue to answer every call at the end of session told me the total is 120 for 1 hour and I told her wait a minute last time I was here it was only $60 i feel like I got robbed on one hour if poor work I think they make there own price I'll never go there AGAIN!