Established in 1998.Sanctuary on 2nd has been providing relaxing and therapeutic treatments to the bodies of Queen Village (and beyond) since 1998. Located in a charming Victorian storefront, our pace is relaxed and our approach is always customized. Thousands of successful treatments and hundreds of happy clients have earned us the reputation of offering truly world class massage right around the corner. Our therapists are certified bodyworkers having completed hundreds of hours of schooling and continuing education. Our space is welcoming and intimate and your session will feel unhurried and individualized. Most people come back to Sanctuary and we bet you will too.



Frequently Asked Questions

Sanctuary on 2nd accepts credit cards.
Sanctuary on 2nd has 4.8 stars.
Sanctuary on 2nd is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Sanctuary on 2nd offers a variety of massage treatments, including Customized Therapeutic Massage, Couple's Therapy, Hot Stone Integrated Massage, Aching Muscles Wrap, Pregnancy Massage, and Zen Kid Massage.
Massage sessions are available in durations of 60, 75, and 90 minutes, depending on the chosen treatment.
Yes, couples can enjoy side-by-side massages with two therapists. You can book a Couples Therapy session for 60, 75, or 90 minutes.
The Hot Stone Integrated Massage combines the energy of smooth stones, heat, and therapeutic hands to provide a unique and powerful massage experience.
The Aching Muscles Wrap is a 100-minute treatment that uses heat, special oils, and focused attention to relieve tension in hardworking muscles.
Yes, there is a Pregnancy Massage available. It involves careful aromatherapy and special techniques designed to provide comfort and relaxation for both the mother and baby.
Yes, the Zen Kid Massage is a warm and friendly session tailored to introduce young clients to the benefits of massage. It's a 45-minute session designed for relaxation and education.
Clients are generally not clothed during the massage, but you're encouraged to undress to your comfort level. You'll be draped with a sheet at all times, and only the part of your body being worked on will be uncovered.
The time frame mentioned for each session applies to the actual therapeutic work on the table. For instance, a 60-minute session means you'll receive 60 minutes of actual massage time.
The frequency of massage sessions depends on your needs and goals. Generally, once a month is recommended to maintain the positive effects, but more frequent visits might be helpful for specific goals.
You can book appointments through the scheduling website called MassageBook, accessible on the Sanctuary on 2nd website. You can also call their phone number to speak directly to the staff.
All therapists are qualified and experienced, so you can book with any of them. Each therapist has a unique style, and you're encouraged to be familiar with more than one therapist.
Arriving 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled time or right on time should allow plenty of time for session preparation and discussions with your therapist.
You can expect a customized integrated massage in a comfortable environment with a knowledgeable and licensed therapist. Your therapist will review your medical information, discuss session goals, and answer your questions before beginning.
Intake forms should only be filled out by the individual receiving the massage or someone with permission to share/view their medical history. It's recommended to ensure confidentiality and accuracy.

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Reviews for Sanctuary on 2nd

J. Emory

July 25, 2023

The staff and location were both accommodating and professional. They were quick to rectify a scheduling conflict and that, in and of itself, is worthy of 5 stars. I found Sanctuary on 2nd to be extremely affordable for the services provided. I will be back. My experience with Lottie was great. They were very informative and communicative--a wonderful guide through my first professional massage in a very long time. Book with Lottie! Ps. I opted for the foot dip... My feet are now like porcelain doll feet! I didn't realize I needed that in my life.


July 22, 2023

Literally the best massage I’ve ever had. The staff here go above and beyond to make you comfortable and are super talented and knowledgeable.

Tara Taylor

July 22, 2023

Amazing place. Best massages I've ever had.

Chanel Timmons

July 12, 2023

The best massage I've gotten in Philly. The ambiance is perfectly moody and dim, super calming. My masseuse was inquisitive about my needs and very responsive as she was massaging. The cbd lotion on my feet was great and I left out feeling like I was floating!

Tanner LaMarche (Tanner Personal Account)

May 25, 2023

My experience was private and personal, very tailored to my massage needs. David was my message therapist and delivered on a fantastic massage (and conversation). Would highly recommend!

Jacqueline Passaro

April 12, 2023

My massage with Cait S. was amazing! I finally feel like my neck and shoulders are free of tension. Cool and inviting space - super relaxing setting!

Nicole Nicole

March 29, 2023

Such a good experience, extremely professional and one of the best massages my sister and I have received. Very thorough massage and they really tailor to your needs. Very cool ambiance as well. I cant reccomend enough! Will be back soon

Carolyn Carrier

March 19, 2023

Such a gorgeous, relaxing space. I had the best massage of my life with Jane. She is such a warm and caring professional. I loved her emphasis on safety and consent, and felt how attuned she was to my body's needs throughout the massage. I can't wait to book again!

joseph franklin

March 10, 2023

Always a wonderful experience

Stan David

March 3, 2023

I've been going here for almost 12 years. This place is so special to me, and for all its clients. The therapists are so warm and inviting. I can't imagine going anywhere else! Ditch those center city places and come here to relax and unwind. The CBD massages are unique!