After having owned practices in Oregon, Canada, Peru, Brazil and Spain, Dr. Kris Sasaki was struck with the reality that health care systems all over the world are becoming more impersonal and cumbersome. As a clinician, connecting with other therapists or doctors was complicated and time consuming for true collaboration, the stress on patients to get to multiple clinics, deal with paperwork and schedule around their busy lives was a barrier too large to overcome. With that in mind, Vida Integrated Health was formed. In 2013 the first step was to transition a generic but busy chiropractic and physical rehabilitation clinic into a new type of patient-focused integrated wellness center. A true integrated health center, not just multiple practitioners under the same roof, but a place where physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths and the medical providers are all communicating and working together towards a common goal; the patient's.


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Reviews for Vida Integrated Health – Ravenna

Marta Chelminiak

July 25, 2023

Philip Smith

July 8, 2023

Great experience on my first visit for acupuncture. Caring staff and professional practitioners.

Amia Meek

July 7, 2023

Amazing staff, both at the front desk and the doctors. Billing is always smooth, and my back has felt better than it has in years :)

Andrea Michelle

April 21, 2023

Vida has been one of the most helpful, friendly, kind, and supportive medical providers I have ever seen. They listened to my needs and wants, but also to my mental health. Dr. Leary was incredibly knowledgable, honest and kind throughout my journey and was always willing to answer my wild questions and help support me. Her assistant Julia did the BEST injections!! I told her every time how impressed I was because needles aren't typically something I "enjoy". Chiro with Dani was amazing, she listened and offered various alternatives and supportive to care, and never pushed me to doing things I didn't want to or couldn't afford doing. And Acupuncture with both providers was the most relaxed I've felt all year. I am sad to be leaving them, but hope that I can support video and encourage someone to chose to go this route to Vida.

Ryne Carney

April 14, 2023

Michele Aoki

April 11, 2023

Outstanding visit with my new chiropractor, Dr. Walsh, at Vida Integrated Health Ravenna. She had really done her homework to find out about my background with my original, long-time chiropractor at Vida at Madison. I felt so much better after my appointment last week. Can't wait to come back.

Emily Nelson

April 7, 2023

Incredible holistic care experience. From the amazing front desk experience to the specific and whole body integration care in their chiropractic and acupuncture practice, Vida has exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to a few different places in Seattle for chiro work and have been left feeling like an in-and-out afterthought. Vida has reminded me that your whole body matters and that it’s all connected, and should be cared for accordingly.

Elaine Williams

April 5, 2023

Convenient service, knowledgeable, great care.

Larissa Peay

March 16, 2023

lisa lauer

March 10, 2023

Location is easy to get to, staff was helpful, everything was timely.