TUY Massage - Charlotte's Affordable One Hour Deep Tissue Deep Massage for Pain & Muscle Tension, Includes Our Signature Hot Stone Therapy a $25 value "Free" with your Massage. Your going to Feel the Difference Hot Stone Therapy makes with your Massage! Alleviate Lower Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Muscle Fatigue, Tension and Stress. Relax and Pamper Yourself with a Luxurious Massage, Soften Your Skin. No add-on charges - Guaranteed! Charlotte's Affordable Massage Therapy Center.



Frequently Asked Questions

Tuy Massage accepts credit cards.
Tuy Massage has 4.6 stars.
Tuy Massage is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat.
TUY Massage offers a variety of affordable massage therapies with a focus on alleviating chronic pain. Every massage includes their signature Hot Stone Therapy, enhancing the overall massage experience.
Hot Stone Therapy involves using warm basalt volcanic rocks during the massage. TUY Massage includes this therapy in every massage session to enhance relaxation, alleviate muscle stiffness, and provide a superior massage experience at no additional cost.
TUY Massage specializes in alleviating chronic pain related to lower back, shoulder, and neck areas. Their massages are designed to target these specific pain points effectively.
TUY Massage guarantees that there are no add-on costs. Their massages come with the included Hot Stone Therapy, making the pricing transparent and ensuring a high-quality experience for every customer.
Hot Stone Therapy quickly eases muscle stiffness and complements the massage's effectiveness in addressing lower back, shoulder, and neck pain, resulting in a more relaxing and soothing massage session.
TUY Massage is located at 2432 N Sharon Amity Rd, Suite 205-A, Charlotte, NC 28205.
To schedule an appointment, you can call (980) 999-5100 or (704) 609-7611.
TUY Massage now offers Thai Massage using specialized T-21 Thai Massage Tables, designed to deliver a superior Thai Massage experience. They also provide TUY Botanicals body lotions and creams for skincare.
Massage therapy helps alleviate chronic pain by relaxing muscles and stiff joints, reducing fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, and naturally increasing serotonin levels, which can reduce pain and improve overall quality of life.
Yes, massage therapy has been found to be an effective treatment for reducing upper and lower back pain, including pain caused by back strain.
Massage therapy involving light pressure on joints and pressure receptors can help ease arthritis pain. It increases blood flow, circulation, mobility, and flexibility, enhancing overall well-being.
Yes, massage therapy has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue. It can naturally lower stress levels, thereby improving mental health and overall quality of life.
Yes, massage therapy can increase serotonin levels, promoting relaxation and potentially improving sleep quality.
TUY Massage offers a range of massage services, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular, Lymphatic Drainage, Medical Focused, Couples, Prenatal, Traditional Thai, Hot Stone, Reflexology Foot, and Focused/Thai Massage Combination.
TUY Massage offers a variety of massage services at different price points. The pricing ranges from $50 to $145 for 1-hour sessions and $85 to $270 for 1.5-hour sessions, depending on the massage type and duration.

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Reviews for Tuy Massage

Bill Wade

July 27, 2023

Great massage. They pinpointed the area I needed done

Jamey Bobamey

July 17, 2023

Very friendly and polite staff, all of them are smiling and genuinely happy to see you. Had a 90 minute hot stone massage with Naan. She was very good and very strong, she was consistent in her pressure and technique during the whole massage and listened to feedback very well. My only suggestion would be having the music change it was one song on repeat but still a very good, very therapeutic massage overall. I went in with a lot of shoulder and upper back pain and when I left I felt so amazing. Wonderful job and I would definitely come back again!

Sara Eaton

July 11, 2023

Always come back feeling like a million bucks with a extra pep in our step. I love this place and so does my husband.

Travis Rollins

July 7, 2023

Great massage which is the 3 stars but wish it had a more professional ambiance. The therapist wouldn’t shut up during the massage which I’ve never experienced if it’s not about the massage itself. It’s my only time to destress and couldn’t relax fully at all because of silly small talk that could wait until before or after the massage. The quality of the massage is the only saving grace. There’s nothing pleasing about the atmosphere

Kris Aguilar

June 11, 2023

Valerie Aman

June 2, 2023

After 2 days of driving from TX, the massage I received here was perfect to get the kinks and stiff joints feeling much better!

Polly Doolittle

June 1, 2023

Incredible deep tissue massage and such a peaceful studio full of friendly faces. Highly recommend Pa

Erin Ruddell

April 29, 2023

This place was wonderful! One of the best massages I’ve ever had and I live in CA where there are a lot of places to get a massage. I took my daughter for her birthday and we both enjoyed it! I will definitely be back the next time I visit!

Yvonne Sealy

April 27, 2023

My daughter and l truly enjoyed our duel massage session. We felt GREAT and will be returning in a couple of weeks. Also, they used a body lotion that you can purchase. The bottle was autographed by the owner Tuy.

Alexis Stanback

April 21, 2023

My first massage here was the BEST!!! The best deep tissue massage I ever had. I’m soo glad I found this place and will keep coming🥰