Our Chiropractic Techniques include: Diversified, Pettibon, Thompson Drop, Gonstead, Flexion distraction, Activator/instrument adjustments, Epley's maneuver, Kinesio taping, sports taping, Intersegmental traction. Our massage techniques include: Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Myofacial release, Sports Massage, Stretch Technique, Swedish, and Relaxation. We offer care for: Motor Vehicle Collisions, Labor and Industries accidents, Workers Comp, Personal Injury, Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Migraines, Geriatrics, Carpal Tunnel, Disc injuries, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Preventive care, Rehabilitation care, Second opinions, TMJ, Platars Fasciitis, Sciatica, Neck and back pain, Posture. We are focused on improving the health and wellness of our patients by educating and restoring joint motion and removing nerve inflammation or interference. We provide patient information for how to avoid problems from reoccurring and provide strengthening exercises for rehabilitating most injuries.


Frequently Asked Questions

Roosevelt Chiropractic accepts credit cards.
Roosevelt Chiropractic has 4.7 stars.
Roosevelt Chiropractic is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat.
The goal of Roosevelt Chiropractic is to empower individuals to take charge of their health and well-being by providing chiropractic care that promotes vibrant health for a lifetime.
Roosevelt Chiropractic has been serving the University District in Seattle, Washington for over 30 years, offering modern and up-to-date care.
Roosevelt Chiropractic offers chiropractic care to restore the body's self-regulation and healing abilities, massage therapy to reduce stress and improve quality of life, and custom foot orthotics to enhance balance and engage with gravity more efficiently.
Chiropractic works by recognizing the self-healing and self-regulating nature of the human body. It focuses on the relationship between the nervous system and the spine, using specific adjustments to address misalignments (subluxations) that can disrupt communication between the brain and organs.
A subluxation refers to a misalignment of one bone in relation to another, often used in the context of vertebral misalignment in the spinal column due to its impact on the central nervous system.
Chiropractors have developed sensitive skills to detect and correct imbalances in the spine. They perform examinations, tests, and sometimes radiographic studies to diagnose subluxations. Corrections are made through gentle spinal adjustments, involving specific impulses applied to misaligned vertebrae. This process is efficient, non-invasive, and aims to restore alignment, often accompanied by a sense of relief.
Dr. Jyringi at Roosevelt Chiropractic employs a combination of treatment styles, including Applied Kinesiology, Sacral-Occipital Technique, and Diversified, to correct subluxations. Support therapies may include exercise instructions, rehabilitation techniques, nutritional support, and low force techniques targeting the body's soft tissues.

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Reviews for Roosevelt Chiropractic

Frances Eckrich

March 10, 2023

I've seen Dr. Jeen Rooks several times and always have a wonderful experience. On my first appointment, she patiently took me through everything that we were going to do, spending lots of time answering my questions (I always have a lot of questions), making sure I was comfortable with every adjustment before she made it. Her care for her patients is self-evident. My back is much improved and I enjoy going back every time. The entire staff has been nothing but pleasant and helpful, including the receptionists.

michael barrett

December 10, 2022

Excellent Services.

Frank Guo

July 29, 2022

As a 30 year old who works in the tech industry, I knew I was forming bad habits and postures from sitting all day. I decided to give chiropractic a shot and it really helped me to understand my own body. I was able to see how my bad forms and habits were contributing to some back pains and unbalanced muscle masses. My back is feeling a lot better now. And I’m visiting the office less and less often now, so I guess that is a good sign.

Matthew Hatle

June 19, 2022

Roosevelt Chiropractic is a wonderful business offering the best in chiropractic services and is also affordable. They are always nice, and positive whenever I need to have an adjustment or a massage.

Julie Brenneise

May 13, 2022

Dr. Rooks has absolutely been a life saver for a serious back injury I have been struggling with for months. She is always so kind, as well as knowledgeable and skilled. I thank goodness every day I found this clinic!!

Joshua López

December 7, 2021

Amazing doctors. Really know their stuff.

Ariell DeSure

July 6, 2021

Amazing! I have been going to Roosevelt Chiropractic for the past 6 months and they have been wonderful, I have had excellent results with treating my chronic neck pain. Highly recommend!

Julia Sleeper

June 24, 2021

Dr. Rooks is awesome! She’s so sweet and really takes the time to make sure she understands what’s bothering you and really tries to get to the bottom of it. She’s very knowledgeable and helpful in helping you understand your body and pains. Can’t recommend her enough!

L Haddix

March 30, 2021

I’ve been going to Roosevelt chiropractic since 1997. Dr J was my original chiropractor but since he has retired I have been seeing Dr Stuck. He seems to have the same type of intuition that Dr Jyringi exhibited. Dr Stuck’s adjustments are different than Dr J’s, much more gentle but intuitive all the same.

Susan Walker

February 26, 2021

Dr. Stuck is the best - he has helped me for 4 years when I couldn't walk (literally) to where I am today- just an occasional readjustment when needed, and I'm good to go!