Chiropractic works on many different problems when dealing with the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Maine specializes in Migraine/Headaches, Back/Neck Pain, Arm/Leg Pain, Hip/Knee pain. We also have Kristi as our Licensed Massage Therapist. ( LMT, MT34476) She offers several different types of massage techniques including Prenatal, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Swedish. Dr. Maine and Kristi are so passionate about their dedication towards each and every patient. They don't just touch our patients with their hands, they put their hearts into it!! We accept the majority of all health insurance plans, work hand in hand with attorneys, are considered the preferred community provider for VA, we also offer very affordable cash prices. Call today to check on any specials that may be running at this time. Pain Stops Here, Appointments, walk-ins, and crawl-ins welcomed!



Frequently Asked Questions

Ramby Chiropractic accepts credit cards.
Ramby Chiropractic has 5 stars.
Ramby Chiropractic is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.
Dr. Lloyd Ramby has been a doctor of chiropractic in the northeast Houston area for over 18 years. He graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1996.
Ramby Chiropractic emphasizes a unique approach to chiropractic care, focusing on deep tissue techniques to address specific problem areas and provide effective relief.
Dr. Ramby's deep tissue technique involves utilizing skills from his background as a registered massage therapist. This approach aims to loosen restrictive musculature before performing adjustments, leading to effective spinal alignment.
Chiropractic adjustments aim to relieve pressure on nerves by manually or using a device to correct subluxations. This normalization of function optimizes health and can address a range of issues.
Subluxations can be caused by physical traumas (falls, whiplash, bad posture), emotional stress (grief, anger), and chemical imbalances (alcohol use, drugs, poor diet).
No, attempting to self-adjust can lead to damage, as adjustments require specific skills from a professionally trained chiropractor. Even chiropractic doctors consult colleagues for their own care.
The consultation and examination at Ramby Chiropractic determine if chiropractic care can help. If not, the clinic may refer patients to other specialists who could provide assistance.
Chiropractic care at Ramby Chiropractic maintains proper spinal alignment, ensuring nerve impulses reach every organ. This optimization of nerve function supports overall health.
Low-impact car accidents, even with minimal vehicle damage, can cause serious spinal injuries. Ramby Chiropractic recommends getting checked after any car accident to ensure well-being.
Patients can expect a unique approach to chiropractic care that incorporates deep tissue techniques and personalized treatments for effective relief and spinal alignment.

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Reviews for Ramby Chiropractic

Melanie Brock

September 23, 2021

Dr. Maine and his staff are by far the best staff I have ever come across they are very prompt and will do just about anything you ask them even if you call for a stupid question they got an answer I have never met a doctors office any better than this one

alec melton

June 14, 2021

Girlfriend came here for a sprained muscle in her back, almost a 180 after just one appointment. Definitely would recommend

Alexandra Huatuco

April 26, 2021

Walk-ins are welcomed and thank you to Ms. Kristi for a therapy massage. Great service all around!

Heather Morace

February 25, 2021

Love leaving with less pain than I go in with! Great staff!

Ty Burleson

November 2, 2020

Always a great experience!


October 28, 2020

Great staff and friendly

Kiara Marie

October 19, 2020

Really good service.

Dartanyan Breaux

October 16, 2020

Very friendly and professional staff all have excellent customer service.

Patrick Escobedo

September 30, 2020

Great staff very friendly. Help me with with the pain I had. Will come back