Premier Health Chiropractic started as previously Cruze2Health in 2014 with a focus on bringing the leading edge care that elite level athletes enjoy to the greater population. In 2018 we expanded into a second location and rebranded to reflect the core foundation of our care.


Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Health Chiropractic accepts credit cards.
Premier Health Chiropractic has 5 stars.
Premier Health Chiropractic is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat.
Premier Health Chiropractic is known for providing chiropractic care in San Francisco, CA. They focus on getting patients out of pain and back to their best selves by offering tailored chiropractic treatments.
Premier Health Chiropractic provides customized care tailored to each patient's specific needs. Their approach includes personalized adjustments, soft tissue work, and exercise routines to ensure effective and timely recovery.
Premier Health Chiropractic specializes in treating a range of common symptoms, including neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, headaches, back pain, and sciatic pain.
Their highly educated and experienced chiropractors are well-equipped to treat a diverse range of patients, from office workers to sports enthusiasts, with a goal to be the best chiropractic office in San Francisco.
Yes, Premier Health Chiropractic commonly treats neck and back pain related to postural conditions and injuries. They also address various conditions such as headaches, Plantar Fasciitis, Golfers/Tennis Elbow, Sciatica, Scoliosis, and Disc Herniations.
Premier Health Chiropractic believes in finding the source of the problem and providing long-term solutions for chronic back pain. They offer expertise in diagnosing and treating issues such as stress-related tension, herniations, disc bulges, sprains, strains, and subluxations.
Chiropractors can identify and relieve trigger points caused by accumulated tension from emotional stress. Through adjustments, they can help the body regain balance, reducing pain and improving overall well-being.
Yes, chiropractors can assess the extent of the issue and develop a treatment plan to alleviate back pain caused by damaged discs, preventing further damage and discomfort.
Chiropractors can correct spinal alignment after muscular sprains, ligament, or tendon strains, helping the body recover from injuries caused by extreme physical activities.
Subluxation refers to a misalignment of the vertebral column. Chiropractors are skilled at identifying these misalignments and making adjustments to correct them, relieving pain and restoring proper movement.
Yes, chiropractors are trained to recognize various problems like urinary tract infections, obesity, and kidney stones, which can contribute to back pain. They offer solutions to both relieve pain and prevent future problems.
Whether it's chronic or acute pain, Premier Health Chiropractic's experienced chiropractors work to diagnose the source of the issue and create tailored treatment plans. Their goal is to find solutions and improve patients' quality of life.
Chiropractic care can potentially address a range of issues including stress-related tension, herniations, disc bulges, sprains, strains, subluxations, and other common problems that lead to back pain.
You can call or self-schedule an appointment through their website to receive expert chiropractic care at their convenient locations in San Francisco, CA, and Walnut Creek, CA.

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Reviews for Premier Health Chiropractic

Kelsey Attiq

July 11, 2023

The best chiropractic clinic hands down. They want to fix the cause of your pain, not just manage (though they do that well too). Dr. Bailey is life changing.

Kacton DeVoti

July 6, 2023

Dr. Jake Castrejon is absolutely amazing. One of the only chiropractors who really listened to me and also help me understand what’s going on based on my pain. He works on the musculature as well as the bone. My favorite part of Dr. Jake, other than his great personality, is how he works out and targets the knots before his adjustments so they’re as effective as possible. Extremely friendly staff and good space. Can’t recommend enough!

Andri Wardiana

June 19, 2023

Amanda C. Sun

May 4, 2023

5-stars for Dr. Bailey! I've been coming to see him since 2020 at a different location and followed him over to this new one. He's super personable, friendly, and very knowledgeable in what he does. He has helped me with all the scar tissues post-surgery for my bunions and even helped the scars fade out from the dark color and keloid! My posture corrections are all thanks to him too! Highly recommend :)


April 20, 2023

I started working with Dr. Bailey because of numbness in my hands. I felt improvement right away after the first session. Dr. Bailey is kind and easygoing. The office is clean and conveniently located. Highly recommended!

Meagan Bradshaw

March 24, 2023

Dr. Bailey and the Premier Health Chiropractic team is incredible. During the pandemic, I went somewhere else closer to home, however, no one can beat the care and service of Premier Health! They were able to work out a spot on my back that had been tight for a year!!! Incredible! So much relief and they always share the summary on what’s going on and any homework to keep the healing process moving!

Neel Deshmukh

March 20, 2023

I've only great experiences with Dr. Bailey. Originally came in for help recovering from a lower back injury sustained during lifting, and Dr. Bailey put together a cohesive plan after one appointment which led to improved back stability and no pain. Ever since then I come in for semi-regular adjustments to mitigate potential future back issues. Dr. Bailey is affable and easy to communicate with about any issues. Highly recommend!

Pavarisa Chantapetch

March 6, 2023

Best Chiropractic I have ever been. Knowledgeable chiropractor with techniques.

Smile At Me

December 19, 2022

Love this place, However I am shock for the cancellation/reschedule appointment fee even tough I called one day ahead. Never notice this fee before. Need to waive the fee if you want customer to comeback. Thanks!


December 5, 2022

Dr. Alexandra Fonseca is amazing. She's knowledgeable, super friendly, and very fast with adjustments and treatments. I first discovered the PHC office via a friend's referral when I was having intense lower back pains after sleeping weirdly. Dr. Alexandra Fonseca advised me to increase my water intake and perform various stretches and foam rolling. She also helped me with some quick massages, muscle/spine/joint adjustments and electricity stimulation thingies, and over the past 3 months I've felt like a new man. Highly recommend coming here if you need to get some back support!