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Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Health Chiropractic Castro accepts credit cards.
Premier Health Chiropractic Castro has 5 stars.
Premier Health Chiropractic Castro is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.
At Premier Health Chiropractic Castro/Upper Market Location, they offer chiropractic manipulative techniques, instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation, personalized home care exercises, active release techniques, and various forms of therapy to address a wide range of conditions and improve overall health.
Common conditions treated at this location include sustained postures associated with work from home ergonomics, neck and back stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, pregnancy-related pains, sports injuries, and more.
Premier Health Chiropractic Castro/Upper Market Location focuses on creating a unique experience by understanding each patient's physical and mental state. They aim to educate patients on healthy movement patterns, recovery, prevention, and improvement of various activities.
Chiropractic care can be effective for managing neck pain by providing safe treatment plans that bring the body back to its natural alignment. This can help ease discomfort, reduce headaches, and prevent muscle weakness.
Neck pain can result from uncomfortable sleeping positions, poor posture, repetitive stress, trauma like whiplash, bone abnormalities, joint pain, muscle strains, and misaligned vertebrae irritating nerves.
Yes, letting misaligned vertebrae irritate the nerves in the neck can lead to long-term damage. It's important to address misalignments to prevent further problems that could require surgery or persistent pain.
Chiropractic care involves gentle adjustments that realign the spinal column, providing a non-invasive solution to neck pain. A chiropractor's treatment plan aims to fix the underlying problem rather than just temporarily managing the pain.
During the first visit, a thorough exam is performed to determine the source of the pain. An individualized treatment plan is then created, incorporating gentle adjustments for immediate relief and long-term solutions.
You can contact Premier Health Chiropractic Castro/Upper Market Location for a consultation to uncover the source of your neck pain and receive a personalized treatment plan for lasting relief.

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Reviews for Premier Health Chiropractic Castro

rachel slaybaugh

August 4, 2023

Dr. Jake got me aligned and alleviated my pain, and gave me exercises to help prevent it from coming back. The staff are all friendly and helpful. Great experience all around.

Bernardo Burboa Quiroga

July 31, 2023

Whittney Tom

July 30, 2023

I've been seeing Dr. Jake for chiropractic work since January 2023 and started seeing William for massages the last two months - they are both AMAZING! As someone who has a full-time job on a laptop and is an athlete who pushes my body to the limit, their care has allowed me to overcome injuries and chronic issues so I can live my best life whether that be at work, playing basketball, or competing in CrossFit events! Highly recommend both!

Laurie D Baker Flynn

July 28, 2023

I love the care I've been getting at Premier Health Chiropractic. Dr. Allie (downtown) and Dr. Jake (Sanchez St.) really listen to what I'm saying about all my aches and always explain what happening with my body. Their treatments and follow up exercises have helped me regain movement without pain!

Sarah Tenpas

July 24, 2023

Would recommend Jake. He’s not just a spine guy - he considers the entire body and is great at working through muscle focused issues. Jake saved my ultimate frisbee season. I had been dealing with a pulled hamstring for about 4 weeks with little improvement before going to him. He put me on a recovery plan and gave excercises I could do outside of our adjustments. After 2 weeks with him I was able to survive a tournament, and after 4 weeks total it’s almost back to normal and I’m able fully participate at tournaments.

Darcy Maher

July 21, 2023

Dr. Jake has been wonderful and has helped me recover quickly from an injury. I would recommend this practice.

Allen Ng

July 19, 2023

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jake for a few months for post-surgical shoulder soreness and he’s been wonderful. Soreness has decreased and I have increased ROM. The staff is always wonderful. Scheduling is easy as they have an online system and it always easy schedule the next appointment after my appointment. Please try this practice if you’re looking for a great neighborhood chiropractic practice.

Yves Shahar

July 14, 2023

Dominic Rivera

July 11, 2023

Very good. I feel amazing every time I walk out of this place. They're patient and well informed. Highly recommend, and the massages with William are great too!

David Ziegler

June 30, 2023

Dr. Jake is the best chiropractor I've ever worked with! After just two weeks and four treatments my lower back is pain free.