At Physio Logic, we understand that achieving optimal health is a journey — and we’ll be right there with you every step of the way. Our integrated medical & wellness center in NYC is staffed with an expert team of medical professionals and wellness specialists from various disciplines who can help tailor a custom care plan that addresses all your needs; from Medical Doctors, Doctors of Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, Clinical Nutritionists, Massage Therapists and Pilates instructors – no stone will be left unturned!

By harmonizing body-mind intelligence through our unique collaborative approach – coupled with evidence based treatments – patients feel empowered as they reach their optimal level of health. Through this collaborative approach tailored specifically to meet your needs – Let’s unlock the logic together now – so go ahead: Get logic here and feel it everywhere!


Frequently Asked Questions

Physio Logic is an integrated medical & wellness center in NYC with an expert team of medical professionals and wellness specialists from various disciplines. They offer services from Medical Doctors, Doctors of Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, Clinical Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, and Pilates instructors.
Physio Logic understands that achieving optimal health is a journey, and they are dedicated to being with you every step of the way. Their collaborative approach, combined with evidence-based treatments, aims to harmonize body-mind intelligence and empower patients to reach their optimal level of health.
Physio Logic's expert team of medical professionals and wellness specialists work together to create custom care plans for each individual. These plans are designed to address all the patient's needs, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of better health.
Yes, Physio Logic welcomes individuals who want to improve their overall well-being and quality of life. Whether you have a specific health concern or are looking to enhance your overall health, their collaborative approach can help you unlock your potential.
To schedule a consultation or learn more about their services, you can contact Physio Logic directly through their website or by calling their NYC location.
Physio Logic's uniqueness lies in its integrated approach, bringing together experts from different fields to work collaboratively in creating personalized care plans. Their evidence-based treatments and focus on body-mind intelligence set them apart in providing comprehensive and empowering healthcare solutions.
Absolutely, Physio Logic's team includes specialists in various disciplines, such as Doctors of Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, and Clinical Nutritionists, who are well-equipped to address specific health concerns, including chronic pain and nutritional needs.
Yes, Physio Logic provides Pilates instruction as part of their comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Pilates can be beneficial for improving strength, flexibility, and overall body-mind harmony.
For information about insurance coverage and accepted plans, it is best to inquire directly with Physio Logic's administrative team to ensure clarity and accuracy.

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Reviews for Physio Logic

Rachel Maceiras

July 27, 2023

In the past, I have done PT at larger "factory" style practices and will never go back. The personalized care I received at Physio Logic with Dr. Sarah Rodriguez was terrific. She took the time to fully explain the what and the why in clear, concise language without condescension. If something wasn't feeling right she listened and adjusted the treatment accordingly. I would not hesitate to recommend her to a friend or family member. The rest of the practice is great, too. Having a integrated staff that works together really makes a difference. A++ all around!

Mike Schick

July 18, 2023

The team at Physio Logic is absolutely outstanding! From the first conversation I had with Paige Matthews, who coordinated my program, I knew I had finally found a group that would address my specific health issues and ongoing wellness with a program designed specifically for my personal physiology. I have done the entire Integrative Nutrition program by Zoom, which has worked out perfectly, and I am more confident than ever in my health plan going forward. Kendra Bova has an incredible depth of knowledge in nutrition and supplements and has helped me understand the important aspects of areas such as gut health, a key factor that had never been addressed by my many doctors. The team is clearly on the same mission personally that they advocate for their clients, and they are knowledgeable in many new areas of holistic wellness. I am grateful to have found this wonderful group!

Adie Covalt

July 14, 2023

Dr Palvia is professional, compassionate and optimistic. Would ,and have recommended him to others

Luanda Lourens

July 13, 2023

Me, my husband and daughter went for treatment at Phisio Logic. For Chiropractic and massages. We had an amazing experience not only with the treatments but the staff were exceptionally helpful, professional and friendly. We would recommend Physio Logic 👌 Tourists from South Africa.


July 13, 2023

It's been an amazing experience. The facilities and personnel are top notch. Dr. Tracy has been wonderful. She's very thorough with and attentive to my therapy needs. She works with you according to your pace. I've seen improvements in multiple areas of my life. I love Ayesha at the front desk! She is just an absolute delight to talk to. They all really do take care of me and make sure to answer any questions I have.

Dirk Lourens

July 12, 2023

Thanks Ayesha for the excellent service, as well as Dr. Szaro for the good advice. Very friendly people.

Joana Kelly

July 11, 2023

Thanks to a recommendation from excellent pilates instructor Lauren Valenta (who I work with outside of Physio Logic), I worked with nutritionist Michelle Miller with great results. She quickly and patiently diagnosed and treated me. Michelle is kind and respectful, and no symptom is too weird or too small to consider and evaluate. She's very communicative and proactive, and never makes me feel embarrassed or silly. Most importantly, I feel so much better! I'd already seen a gastroenterologist and another nutritionist, but Michelle's approach got to the root of things and has been very effective! I highly recommend working with her!

Tif Ng

July 6, 2023

Been coming here 5 + years for chiro, physical therapy and massage. Have a lot of trust for everyone who works here! Ayesha at front desk is so wonderful and love lauren and amy for massage and rachel for chiro!

Patricia Mills

July 4, 2023

My primary care doctor recommended that I work with Michelle for nutritional support. She was not happy with the result of my colonoscopy and said she felt that attention to what I was consuming could really be helpful. This program is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I am so pleased with the progress I've made in my overall health due to work with Michele. My symptoms when I first entered the program was severe joint pain all over my body, brain fog and fatigue. I wasn’t able to function well. My diet consisted of some healthy meals and then also irregular bites of whatever was in the fridge. The medical assessment and review of my daily habits by Michelle was indeed thorough. Michelle really listened to how I functioned and she is extremely knowledgable. She taught me how to be consistent with the things that can really bring about a change for good health. It was not overwhelming, so I was able to execute these habits gradually and with feedback from her. She always responded. She is also patient and supportive.I was able to implement small changes week by week. Testing had indicated surprises about foods intolerance and Michelle offered a good variety of options and substitutes - so little by little I began to change. Presently I can’t believe I wake up in the morning with very little joint pain and although I am a work in progress, my quality of life and overall wellbeing is so much better and that is something I am really happy to be experiencing. This program was very helpful to me. Thank you Michelle.

jenna kass

June 28, 2023

I went to Physio Logic for pelvic floor PT after my pregnancy resulted in diastasis recti. Dr. Eva Shi was extremely knowledgeable and kind, especially as I came in on a self-diagnosis and was very worried I was making up symptoms. She confirmed I wasn't being a hypochondriac and set me up right away with a plan that addressed not just the d.r., but my other motherhood-related aches and pains. My exercises were adjusted and swapped out as I improved at a rate that challenged me but never left me behind, and I finished my course of PT with Dr. Shi not only recovered from diastais recti, but also feeling strong and properly "in" my body for the first time since giving birth. The only reason that this isn't a 5-star review is that there was a miscommunication about the total cost, and I wound up owing more money than initially quoted. The staff apologized for the mix-up and they were honestly great on every other aspect of service.