Our team of more than two dozen doctors of chiropractic and skilled student interns can help you with many health conditions including neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines, injury rehabilitation, sports performance, ongoing wellness care. In addition, Palmer Imaging Consultation Services offers onsite X-ray services and can provide interpretation of digital and conventional X-rays and MRI studies.



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shi-hwa Tsuei

December 11, 2022

Good school, bad hospital. If you're looking for long term treatment I suggest you to go elsewhere, the treatment quality depends on the intern you met. Some are good, some are bad, some have a second job and might change who treats you suddenly. It's a school so interns changes frequently. Sometimes someone before me is late and I was asked to wait then I almost cannot finish my treatment because the clinic needs to be closed early. When I was late, they cancel me appointment directly (then why don't you cancel the one before me who was late and made me wait?) Fluctuating standard because it's a school but not a real medical agency, patient will not be treated equally.

Surbhi Gupta

August 10, 2021

Very bad experience. They changed my intern four items in just a few weeks of treatment. Interns are inconsistent and so much time gets wasted in explaining and going through the issues again and again with new interns. The first intake process was very bad. Intern spent two hours to take every biometric reading in an ancient way. Every time they kept changing interns and I was patiently adapting. Now it's beyond toleration that finally I had some setting with an intern and they changed it randomly again to a new fresher. One reason I was sticking was coz of proximity and convenience of the location. I regret staying committed to a place where they show no commitment to patients. I was hoping for some commitment on the treatment plan and service than just being used as an object for experiment, and being passed from one intern to another.

Faye Reyes-Putich

May 7, 2021

6 months ago, I first started going to Palmer to treat my plantar fasciitis. Intern Travis first treated me with shockwave therapy which helped reduce my pain significantly in about 3 months. Since then, Intern Branden has been currently treating me and I constantly thank the gods of pain management that I was blessed with him! Not only has he been very thorough with my treatment (Graston & soft tissue massage), he genuinely cares about his clients’ progression towards overall wellness. Intern Branden’s specialization in chiropractic care for athletes was a great match as I live a very active lifestyle, and now he treats my son who plays college football, and my daughter who trains in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. Both Interns Travis and Branden have been trained by supervising clinician, Dr. Bedi, and both have been consistent in their knowledge of various treatments in relieving my pain. They have been nothing but professional, courteous, and kind in treating me and my family. Thank you, Palmer Chiropractic College!

Harrison Mavvens

May 4, 2021

I am a weekly patient at Palmer Chiropractic Clinic under the care of Dr. Bedi and one of his knowledgeable interns Oscar Campos. Together they have not only helped me to thoroughly understand the steps I need to take towards bettering my spinal health and over all well-being in a friendly and easy way but also formulated a plan that works just right for me and my person. They and the Palmer group together as a whole are very accommodating and cooperative with my busy, ever-changing schedule needs and always come through with great communication skills to keep me updated and will inform me of upcoming appointments(adjustments) well ahead of time. Oscar, who personally adjusts me, always keeps me feeling calm and cared for. He walks me through the process of the adjustments and answers any questions I have for him. This is a place that values it’s care providers listening well to their patients’ concerns and needs so to better work with them on a more individualistic type level that is always appreciated. I have felt rejuvenated in my day to day living because of their hard work and care put into my treatment. I am truly grateful to them and their nice staff for making every visit a beneficial and all around fun experience.

Ramachandra Gambheer

April 30, 2021

There is an ancient famous Sanskrit language phrase in Indian culture that says " वैध्यो नारायणो हरि: " (pronounced as Vaidyo Narayano Hari). Vaidya means a Doctor and Narayana or Hari is Lord. The phrase describes that a Doctor who treats a patient is equivalent to God. This phrase is true for me with Dr.Bedi. I have had chronic headache ever since I was an engineering student. I used to take pain killers to get relief from the intolerable (I would say 10 out of 10 severity) pain. I have consulted several tens of doctors in the past 30 years and got treatment for migraine headache, tension headache… you name it, I got it. Got CT scan done and the results are normal. I thought I should try consulting a Chiro and visited Palmer Chiropractic Clinic, San Jose. I happened to randomly get allocated to Dr.Bedi. I was under the impression "Ok, this doctor is next number in my list… let me try anyway". Dr.Bedi along with his intern Sunny.M listened to my problem with patience and evaluated me in less than 30 minutes. Dr.Bedi started the necessary Chiro treatment. I can't believe it as I am a 30 year old senior headache specialist that I don’t get headache anymore. I was wondering was it true or myth… but started believing the unbelievable that I don't get headache anymore. We have thousands of doctors but a very few hold God's position like Dr.Bedi. So, I repeat, वैध्यो नारायणो हरि: " (pronounced as Vaidyo Narayano Hari). One should be lucky to get treated at Palmer with Dr.Bedi as not everyone gets to see the God. यथा राजा तथा प्रजा (Yatha Raaja, thatha Prajaa) in Sanskrit language means, "Like the King, the people" which is true in case of intern Sunny.M who works for Dr.Bedi. She is very intelligent and is picking up all the healing power her Guru has ! Also not to forget to mention, front office staff is so kind and cooperative who exhibits the culture of the institute as one won't get a second chance to make first impression :-)

Maxwell ntiamoah

March 25, 2021

Since I have been going to Palmer Clinic West, I have gotten great service and adjustments. My last chiropractor Justin Lor, really took the time to understand my body and do the necessary adjustments I needed to excel with my workouts. Justin did an incredible job, just like the other chiropractors that I have seen since I have been going there since 2017. I would recommend for anyone that needs adjustments to go to Palmer Clinic.

Jeanette Lau Yamada

March 25, 2021

I was seeing Justini Keng Lor for Plantar fasciitis. After two visits, I was able to stand up without pain in the afflicted foot and walk/hike with reduced pain. I saw Justin a total of 7 times and am back to normal again. I was abel to clock in 80 miles last week. Aside from 'fixing' me, I also want to add that Justin was great to work with; he truly listened and remembered what I had said. He would ask follow up questions about my activities from the previous visit. Sure other doctors might do this, but I felt that he was genuinely interested/concerned. The only 'negative' about Justin is that he is graduating. His new patients will soon see/understand how I have described him. I wish him well.

Bola Arias

November 3, 2020

Ive been getting adjusted at Palmer for over 8 years due to some chronic conditions, the interns at Palmer along the doctors do an amazing job at treating me

Annie T

June 6, 2020

All the students here are passionate and the people at the front desk are very nice:)

Alan Dedic

July 7, 2019

My experience has been the best and I want to thank Dr Snow for his opinion amd recommendation that i am no longer a candidate for chiropractic and i need to get surgery right away. I am in regional now and they found a bone infection between L3 and L4. I am currently waiting for biopsy on monday. If Dr. Snow wishes to share my story with his students then he has my permission. The doctors here also told me that waiting too long would have led to my spine collapsing. Instant midgetry ia not what i want. For the students: listen to your teachers especially Dr Snow, they are brilliant.