We focus our service to you on two primary offerings, the Chiropractic Exam & the Chiropractic Adjustment.



Frequently Asked Questions

New Power Chiropractic has 5 stars.
New Power Chiropractic operates as an out-of-network chiropractic care office to ensure you receive quality care without limitations. Many practice members use their Health Savings Account (HSA) or debit/credit cards for payment. We can provide information for out-of-network reimbursement if you have Chiropractic benefits.
Exploring holistic health options can be overwhelming. A brief discussion with a practitioner in the field can provide guidance. We offer a complimentary 10-minute consultation with our Chiropractor for this purpose. Reach us at 346-802-2195 to schedule.
Dress comfortably in fitness-type clothing like shorts, tights, tanks, or sports bras for the Initial Discovery Session. Unrestrictive attire is best as we'll be exploring various body movements.
No, the first visit is about learning about you and your experiences. We use this information to design a specific care path for you. Your first adjustment usually occurs during the second visit, the Report of Findings Session.
Certainly! Kiddos and babies are welcome at New Power Chiropractic. We encourage parents to have their kids' spines checked, as the potential benefits for them are significant.
Yes, a family member or partner within the same household receives a 20% discount on their Initial Discovery Session and a 40% discount on their Care Path plan. We value the strength of a supportive family system.
Yes, pregnant individuals can and should get adjusted. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can lead to better birth outcomes, more peaceful labor and delivery, and optimal positioning and nerve supply for the baby.
Each body is unique, so specific timelines vary. We focus on distinct phases of care. If you're dealing with pain, the initial phase targets improvement in that area. As you progress, your care adapts to your changing needs.
The popping sound often heard during adjustments is the release of nitrogen gas and chemicals from affected joints. These releases can calm the nervous system, reduce muscle tension, decrease pain, and aid in adapting to new environments.
Our focus at New Power Chiropractic is to remove interference to optimal nerve function for healing. We prioritize ease in your body during adjustments, whether the sound is audible or not. We don't seek dramatic reactions.

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August 4, 2023

I can't say enough about my experience here. I felt safe and that's huge. More importantly I was informed every step of the way of what he was doing, why he was doing it and how I would benefit. He was gentle and intentional with his words and every touch, releasing knots in my shoulders and glutes that had been causing great discomfort. I have literally been walking in New Power and making better decisions based on his recommendations! Thank you so much Dr. K!

Jim Wills (Publisher)

February 7, 2023

Dr K. is realer than the real deal. His dedication to wellness through holistic practices is a welcome alternative to the pill-pushing western medicine way of care. His hands are those of a true healer! His chiropractic work is comprehensive and is second only to his embodiment of a musical genius.

Janrace Prudent

February 7, 2023

I definitely step into my NEW POWER when I’m at New Power Chiropractic! From the positive vibes to the exceptional personalized chiropractic care, I love Dr. K’s holistic approach to healing. He has created a space that is filled with healing, love, art, events, and community. Check it out!

Izzy A

December 11, 2022

Dr. K has created a warm, beautiful, healing environment that reflects his spirit and attention to detail. His wholistic approach that honors his patients in their completeness is a breath of fresh air in the medical field that often feels more like a lab than a place of healing. He is highly professional and attentive. If you’re looking for a chiropractor or are curious about chiropractic care you won’t find better care anywhere than at New Power Chiropractic!