The unique husband and wife team at Natural Health Chiropractic employs a wide range of modern techniques and advanced instrumentation to effectively address acute and chronic Neck and Back Pain at its root causes. They have specialized expertise in treating Disc Herniations that lead to radiating pain and numbness in extremities, as well as various other joint problems. Dr. Sheng, with his profound knowledge of sports-related injuries, skillfully handles Acute Traumatic Sprain-Strain issues, old injuries, and pre/post-surgical biomechanical problems. On the other hand, Dr. Lee focuses on balancing patients' muscles, energy, and nutritional needs.

At Natural Health Chiropractic, the core belief centers around the body's innate ability to heal itself. Their approach, called WELL-care, emphasizes clearing any interference caused by structural misalignment and restoring the natural ""chi"" flow within the body. Dr. Sheng has developed a unique adjustment technique that enhances spinal flexibility, and he utilizes various approaches to rehabilitate post-stroke and chronic back pain patients. Being an expert in traditional Kung-Fu, he also tailors specific exercises to meet the diverse needs of patients involved in various sports and daily activities.



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Reviews for Natural Health Chiropractic

Kit Y

November 30, 2022

The best team! Both Dr Lee & Dr Sheng are compassionate, knowledgeable and professional. They treat your whole body, not just where you feel hurt or painful. They also spend time addressing my concerns. I feel very fortunate to have found them for my chiropractic and nutritional needs.

mars 686

October 20, 2022

The best care team! Thorough and compassionate. Highly recommend!

Carol Wong

June 10, 2022

Cat K

October 23, 2020

2 weeks ago I saw another chiropractor due to some back pain. Whatever she did caused more pain where getting out of bed made me cry for help! Since the pain didn’t go away, I saw Dr Sheng today. He fixed my back problem worsened by another chiropractor and also realigned my pelvis too! He told me that my pelvis was very tilted to one side but he took care of that in 15mins!!!!

L Santos

October 11, 2020

My husband went here. He has insurance. The doctor told him that the office prefers cash despite his insurance status. “Can you give us cash instead?” They did good work but not wanting to accept his insurance cause they wanted cash is just trashy.

Winema C

September 13, 2019

Definitely recommend, one of the best chiropractor in NYC. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sheng of many years, even though I’m not a frequent patient I always comes back and see Dr. Sheng when I need to. I was experiencing upper back pain, neck pain and headaches, after a few visits My neck pain and headache was less frequent. From time to time I still experience upper back pain but I know it’s because of my sitting position and work, but after doing stretching exercises taught by Dr. Sheng it gradually gets better. Note: Don’t expect that with 1-2 visits your pain will go away like magic.

Yuxi Wang

April 6, 2019

Irene L.

October 2, 2018

Steven Lu

December 9, 2017

I came to this Doctor because I had been experiencing neck pains and I heard good things from my friends. They offered me an appointment for $120, which was comparable to others, but my friends who suggested him said he did a good job. After 40 minutes my neck pain was minimized, but still there. I wanted to ask the doctor to check it before I left, but he was eager to check with his other patients. The very next day, I started experiencing more pain in my neck. It was excruciating, but I had a final presentation so I ignored it. I went to my physician the next day to get muscle relaxant and pain relievers because I am now still in pain. I can't move my neck very well and it is stuck in a tilted position to my right. I want to write this review for those who are considering visiting this place. If I could go back I would've stopped myself because now i'm not sure what will happen with my neck.

Nicole Koh

November 26, 2017

Best chiropractor I've in NYC. Dr Ivy Lee knows what she's doing. I walked out feeling better aligned and balanced. Thank you!