Serving busy professionals in Indianapolis, Indiana, Meridian Chiropractic values your health and your time. Located just minutes away from downtown Indianapolis, Meridian Chiropractic Clinic specializes in treating a variety of conditions of the back, neck, and shoulders. We treat patients daily who suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorders, work injuries and whiplash. We provide for our patients excellent chiropractic care, physio-therapy methodologies, exercise therapy, as well as professional ergonomic advice. What makes our service unique is our fast, friendly service. With our convenient downtown location, you can step away from your desk for a quick adjustment and be back to work in far less time than at other chiropractic clinics. We also take special care to educate you about chiropractic care, and what you can do to reduce your pain


Frequently Asked Questions

Meridian Chiropractic Clinic has 5 stars.
Meridian Chiropractic Clinic is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.
Meridian Chiropractic Clinic offers a range of services including chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, cupping, dry needling, fascial taping, manual therapy, scraping, Theragun therapy, infrared sauna, and custom orthotics by Foot Levelers.
Dr. Jeffry Yoder, D.C., is the board-certified chiropractor at Meridian Chiropractic Clinic in Indianapolis, IN.
Chiropractic care at Meridian Chiropractic Clinic can help with various conditions including back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica.
Chiropractic care aims to correct the root cause of problems rather than merely addressing symptoms with drugs or medications. The clinic utilizes state-of-the-art technology to find and correct the underlying issues.
Meridian Chiropractic Clinic has been serving the Indianapolis community for over 23 years.
The clinic treats a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including herniated discs, sciatica, back pain, neck pain, headaches, work injuries, repetitive stress disorders, shoulder and hip pain, and whiplash.
Dr. Yoder utilizes advanced technologies such as computerized chiropractic manipulation using the ProAdjuster device.
Yes, the clinic accepts most major insurance plans. However, it's recommended to contact the office for specific insurance plan inquiries.
Chiropractic care for children can contribute to their healthy development by addressing stress, spinal alignment, and various issues that can arise during growth.
Recognizing if a child's spine is misaligned can be challenging as there might not be noticeable pain. Developmental issues, bad posture, and recurring problems may indicate the need for chiropractic care.
Chiropractic care for kids involves a consultation and thorough examination to identify the source of issues. A personalized treatment plan, often involving gentle adjustments to the spine, is then created to address the child's condition.
Chiropractic treatment sessions for children are efficient, allowing for swift adjustments that enable them to return to their daily activities promptly. Children may even fall asleep after treatment due to relaxation.
To book an appointment or learn more about the chiropractic care available, you can call the office or book an appointment online through their website.

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Reviews for Meridian Chiropractic Clinic

Amani Symone

April 21, 2023

10/10 highly recommend Dr. Yoder for chiropractic care! I’ve only been seeing him for about 2 weeks now and he is very nice & explanatory when it comes diagnosis and care treatments. I haven’t been getting headaches as often and my back pain is getting much better. I look forward to my weekly visits :)

Steven Gregory

April 9, 2023

After a month of severe back and leg pain, I found Dr. Yoder. He provided quick and lasting relief. Highly recommended!

Harpreet Gill

February 15, 2023

I highly recommend Dr. Yoder. I believe in prevention before cure, and Dr. Yoder explains really well, and curates a personalized therapy for you and answers all the questions. Office environment is very calm and friendly with a professional team, and has a flexible scheduling options. More importantly, I didn’t feel any of my appointments so far were rushed or delayed. Dr. Yoder takes time to connect with the patient and build rapport.

Anya Neitman

January 3, 2023

Scheduled twice there showed up for my appointment made sure I had the right date and time. The man took one look at me and shooed me away.

Alicia Hervey

October 26, 2022

The service was prompt and thorough. Dr. Yoder was welcoming and truly helped me feel at ease.

Emma Jackson

June 8, 2022

In 2015, I experienced an assault that was focused on the head and neck and consisted of repetitive blows that mimicked a whiplash effect. For four years I left these injuries unattended. I was a full time student and by 2019 I was experiencing serious pains just trying to sit up at my desk to use the computer. The pains were focused in my hips and abdomen and shoulders. Often times this position- sitting up at my desk- brought me to tears within 30 minutes because I had to extend so much energy just trying to hold my body up. It was beyond frustrating. I sought help through a muscular based therapist for two years 1x/week. Although I experienced some improvement I was still experiencing sharp pains regularly in these areas. Because I had studied some anatomy and physiology I started to wonder if my issues were skeletal in nature. I asked my muscular therapist for a referral to a chiropractor and he recommended Dr. Yoder. During my first visit with Dr. Yoder he did an x-ray and reviewed my physical traumas. I started to see him 2x/week for about a month and then we switched me down to 1x/week. The results were so tremendous I told my friends and family that within just a few sessions with Dr. Yoder I felt more improvement than the last years in muscular therapy. I highly recommend Dr. Yoder especially if you have a neck related injury! The sessions only take about 10 minutes of your time after your initial intake assessment.

Philip Traum

March 29, 2022

Dr. Yoder, highly professional and friendly, has served my needs for over a year now. His advice and recommendations have always been spot-on. I've learned that the chiropractic process and it's results don't happen overnight. You need to follow his recommendations and instructions, and if your spinal problems are chronic you will do well to keep up with regular visits as needed. I highly recommend his expertise.

Adianez Sanchez

July 25, 2021

I was treated like a joke. I've been to a chiropractor before and he didn't do anything to help. He spent less than 10 minutes with me. I couldn't stand to continue going after my second visit. Finally I found another chiropractor and turns out I have scoliosis and he didn't even mention anything about it, he could've caught it early on but instead he made me feel unimportant and that my complaints weren't serious. And yes, this is the location that I went to. What a surprise you don't have that record? That's ridiculous.

Mike Chell-n-Tano

June 23, 2021

Dr. Yoder has provided very effective treatments for me over the last couple of years. I found that going back every 2 weeks or so keeps my chronic neck pain in check. He and his staff are very kind and efficient. They also have massage services as well which helps loosen up my mid back before adjustment.

Rachit Pant

April 11, 2021