Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Dr. Lori Portnoy emphasizes improving your health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness in the first place. Most people would rather be healthy and avoid illness, if they could. This is one of the main reasons for the big surge in the popularity of our wellness center.



Frequently Asked Questions

Lori Portnoy, DC accepts credit cards.
Lori Portnoy, DC has 4.9 stars.
Lori Portnoy, DC is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.
Alpha Family Chiropractors offers a comprehensive range of chiropractic wellness services to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. These services encompass various techniques designed to promote overall well-being.
Scheduling an appointment at Alpha Family Chiropractors is convenient. They strive to accommodate busy schedules. You can easily make an appointment by contacting them at 773-248-2323 or by using their online appointment scheduling system.
Yes, you can. Alpha Family Chiropractors provides patient forms that are available online. This allows you to complete the necessary forms in the comfort of your own home or office before your visit.
Dr. Lori Portnoy is a dedicated health professional at Alpha Family Chiropractors. She emphasizes the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. Her approach focuses on improving health to reduce the risk of pain and illness rather than just treating disease after it occurs.
Unlike conventional medicine, which treats disease after it occurs, Alpha Family Chiropractors, led by Dr. Lori Portnoy, emphasizes proactive measures to enhance health and prevent pain and illness. Their wellness-centered approach aims to help patients achieve optimal health.
During a visit, you can expect to receive high-quality care utilizing modern chiropractic equipment and technology. Dr. Lori Portnoy and the staff are genuinely concerned about your well-being, and they offer a range of techniques tailored to your individual wellness needs.
Alpha Family Chiropractors offers a variety of services, including advanced spinal correction, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and spinal & postural screenings. These services are aimed at promoting wellness and addressing musculoskeletal issues.
Chiropractic care at Alpha Family Chiropractors involves advanced spinal correction techniques that are safe, comfortable, and effective. Dr. Lori Portnoy, with her training and experience, performs spinal adjustments to help align and improve spinal health.
Yes, Alpha Family Chiropractors provides personalized guidance on exercises and lifestyle choices. They offer "blueprint" exercises to strengthen and correct individual problems, as well as lifestyle advice to help patients avoid activities that might aggravate their health challenges.
Massage therapy at Alpha Family Chiropractors is a natural treatment approach to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Tailored to the patient's condition and injury, it can increase blood circulation, reduce swelling, relax muscles, relieve pain, and aid in recovery and range of motion.
Yes, Alpha Family Chiropractors offers posture and spinal screenings. These screenings provide valuable health information and can lead to improved well-being. They conduct these screenings at various events and locations, including malls, health fairs, and workplaces.
Alpha Family Chiropractors offers an award-winning newsletter that you can subscribe to for staying informed about wellness-related topics. Additionally, their website's member wellness section provides articles, resources, and health facts tailored to your wellness needs by Dr. Lori Portnoy.
Yes, Alpha Family Chiropractors has a free website membership program. This program helps patients understand the nature of their health and offers a personally tailored wellness program based on individual needs, using effective yet minimally invasive techniques and services.
Alpha Family Chiropractors is located at 954 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60614. It is situated in the heart of Chicago, making it easily accessible to the local community.

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Reviews for Lori Portnoy, DC

Amelia Fuller

May 31, 2023

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lori and Dr. Kelley since I was 7! From sport injuries to being diagnosed with scoliosis, I wouldn’t be where I am today without both of them and their continued care. They are both great Chiropractors and the office staff is amazing. Highly recommend!

Jen Kordas

May 29, 2023

I’ve been seeing Dr Portnoy for 2 weeks and already feel so much better. She takes the time to explain where your problem areas are and the plan to address them long term. Highly recommend!

Bonnie Kenaz-Mara

May 26, 2023

Best. Chiropractor. Ever. Dr Lori’s been patching up and realigning our family for decades. She's great with kids and helped our gymnast daughter recover from several childhood injuries as well as a car accident. Dr Lori's been an immense help with my husband's and my work related/aging related pains. He's a location sound engineer (rough on the body!) and I have chronic physical writing related issues. She's currently helping me heal correctly from an accidental tackling at a hard core punk show. A big guy tripped and fell into me, shoving me 6' forward and off a riser, onto a diamond plate metal floor on my butt & tailbone. My hips were not amused. The staff and doctors are professional, friendly, and excellent. And the little office dogs are adorable. Put Alpha Family Chiropractors on speed dial!

karen damato

May 26, 2023

Dr Portnoy is so kind and professional. I totally trust her diagnosis and treatment, it totally works for me. Her staff are friendly and accommodating.

David R Rivera (*Favorite Realtor*)

May 25, 2023

I have been going to Dr Lori Pourtnoy for over 20 years. Having been in the hospitality industry for 20+ years and 10 in the real estate business, I am always on the move. I can honestly say I would not be able to move around as well as I do without her. I have friends who always complain on how much pain they are in. People, if your having back problems, please go see a chiropractor! If you in Chicago then please go see Dr Lori! Final note, Yesenia and her crew are so hospitable. Whether insurance question (or cash payments) or setting up an appointment, they treat you like family.

Brittany McCray

April 26, 2023

The best chiropractor in Chicago! Dr. Lori is the first and only chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I drive 40min in a pinch. I typically don’t have to make an appointment (though the office might appreciate it) and there’s never been a wait more than 10min. Dr. Portnoy cares about every single patient is personable and really gets to the root of any issues you may have. I love Dr. Portnoy!

Myriam Le Cannellier

April 10, 2023

I have been to other chiropractic practices but this is really a special place. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. Dr Portnoy and her team are very knowledgeable. I have seen a real positive impact and know I am in good hands! Highly recommend

Kendra Fischer

April 4, 2023

I love coming here because they make regular chiropractic care super easy. The front desk knows my name and make it super convenient to get in. Dr. Lori also keeps a detailed record of my treatments and helps make sure I stay feeling good.

Hillary Johnson

April 3, 2023

I’ve been going to Dr Lori for YEARS where I receive the best care for my persnickety and overworked spine. I can’t recommend her enough. In my work as a photographer, I am constantly carrying too much stuff, and Dr. Laurie has kept me upright and working all this time with a good humor and real affection. Her staff as well are the nicest humans. It’s a pleasure to go there every time.

steve rosen

May 16, 2022

A friend recommended Lori's office to me about 4 years ago and I can't believe I didn't go sooner. The staff is friendly and they remember you, and the treatments are quick and effective. I have felt so much better physically and generally since I started doing treatments there. Thank you for such attentiveness to my health and my physical and mental well-being! I would and do recommend them to everyone!