Welcome to ICON Chiropractic Center. We always strive to be transparent in what we do. At ICON, we utilized a particular chiropractic technique called "Gonstead", which is a precise systematic approach to analyze the spine and central nervous system. With the exact calculation of full spine x-ray, muscle tension scanning, spinal nerve instrumentation reading on top of the history and physical exam, we will be able to deliver the most specific chiropractic adjustment to you. Internal body chemistry such as blood, trace minerals, and vitamin balancingisvital to the healing process. That's why in ICON, besidesGonsteadchiropractic adjustment, we also utilized the detoxification process, customized supplement protocol, and complementary essential oil therapy to expedite the healing process. Our entire team here at ICON has a clear understanding that the body has an amazing innate power toheal, and that our job is to find the interference and be as specific as possible in removing it.



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Simone Cheng

June 23, 2023

I had the pleasure of receiving treatment from Dr. Alan and Dr. Eric at their chiropractic clinic after a rear-ended car accident. I suffered from very poor neck mobility, low back pain, severe headaches, nausea, and ringing ears. Thanks to their care, my neck mobility and back pain have greatly improved. I am still undergoing treatment for the remaining symptoms, and I'm incredibly grateful to have found them. I would highly recommend their services and would 100% come again.

Lucy Nguyen

May 19, 2023

I was having reoccurring headaches/migraines and have tried prescribed medicine, acupuncture, etc. and it just wouldn't go away. After visiting ICON a few times my headache has completely gone away!I'm still visiting ICON for preventative care (because health is wealth)! I highly recommend this chiropractic center!!

Gerald Tom

April 25, 2023

I have slight scoliosis of my lower back that I didn't know until I finally had issues with lying down and walking. It was just really painful. My brother recommended I come to ICON. He had a neck issue and they helped him a lot, so I have decided to drive all the way down here from SF. It's an hour's drive but it was well worth it. They took the x-ray and showed me how my back looked and I was shocked to see how bad my conditions were. They explained to me why I was having issues lying down with pain and having a hard time running and jogging. I went thru the treatment process and plan, and they have helped me tremendously. Now I am able to do a lot more and most importantly be able to get back to an active lifestyle. I am now on a wellness program to keep my spine nice and aligned.

Yu Mi

March 20, 2023


December 10, 2022

I used to have ringing in my ear and soreness from my back when playing piano but after the treatment the ringing stopped the the soreness isn’t as bad, thanks!

Mariko Mendoza

November 19, 2022

I did a 3 month program, which is definitely the way to go to achieve the best results. Dr Alan takes an X-ray of the spine, blood work and nutritional consultation. All this was necessary to come up with the best course of action to meet and exceed your wellness goals. My lower back pain disappeared in a month and also lost 10 pounds during the first 30 days. Dr Alan, Dr Eric and Emily are very personable and professional. It's not just chiropractic care - it's a whole new focus on your spirit and well-being

Andrew Pai

October 27, 2022

I've had lots of chiropractic treatments over the years for lower back pain, and only started seeing Doctor Wu this year. Doctor Wu and his staff are super professional and caring. Doctor Wu's treatment program consists of X-rays (before & after so you can see the difference), periodic visits and adjustments, and nutritional recommendations to help your body heal better. Overall I found his program much more comprehensive and in depth than the chiropractors I've seen in the past. I still plan to visit Doctor Wu periodically in the future and will recommend his program to friends and families looking for chiropractic treatment.

Alex Yevdakov

October 12, 2022

Dr Alan fixed my back for good. I had a nerve pain and my lower back would get stuck, so I couldn't move. He did the Xrays and pointed out to the root cause. He proposed a plan and worked on fixing it in multiple sessions, plus I did some PT exercises and I didn't experience pain ever since. Great doctor and professional, highly recommend!

Butterfly ZzZ

August 7, 2022

A few years ago I purchased a package frim Dr Wu for back and neck adjusment. Every session adjustment took 3-5 mins and didn t help with my pain in the back and stiffness in the neck. They re very expensive and they always try to sell you their ouls and other products:/

Vinh D.

July 29, 2022

I normally do not like taking the time to do reviews of any kind. This is an EXCEPTION because I really think Dr. Wu and the team deserve it. They are extremely professional and very accommodating. Easy to schedule or reschedule. One time we came way late for my appointment right before their lunch time. Dr. Wu still had a smile on and did a fantastic job on adjusting back on that day. He did not rush. I have had chronic headache/migraine for years. It is 3 weeks into my program of treatment and physical adjustment, i have not experience the headache whereas it will come at least once a week before. Now i wake up every day full of energy. No more tiring no more feeling sluggish. I WOULD recommend Dr. Wu and the team there to anyone any given day. Do not take my words for it. Try him and you will see. I am not that very easy to impressed but I have been leaving his office with a smirk after each treatment. It never get old. Ask Dr. wu himself. Thank you Dr. Wu and the team for making both my wife and I feeling much much better. Vinh D.