At Greater Life Chiropractic in Charlotte, NC, we consider how the human body functions as a whole. In particular, we focus on the nervous system, because it is the master control center for the body. While you read these words, your brain is sending messages throughout your nervous system telling your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, and your stomach to digest. The best part is, you don't have to think about it! Now consider this, if your nervous system is responsible for controlling all of the functions of the body, then a healthy, functioning nervous system is a crucial component of a healthy, functioning body. On the other hand, if nerves are pinched or compressed, their messages may be cut off, which can lead to disease and dysfunction. It can lead to lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and more. We help provide pain relief and optimal health.



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Chase Morgan

August 6, 2023

Tom Collins

August 5, 2023

Every time I go in for an adjustment at Greater Life, everyone is so nice and welcoming! They really know their stuff and the experience is second to none. Thanks Greater Life!

Jake Holland

August 3, 2023

Positives: Very nice set up and office space They do X Rays and scans to actually diagnose the problems which are informative and make me feel better about my treatment plan versus other places that just give you instant relief doing a standard back crack adjustment Pretty friendly staff, and they start you off with a tour of the office, which was thoughtful. Team is very intentional and passionate about what they’re doing. Very thorough. Payment plan is pretty flexible between an upfront payment or a monthly plan, which is what I opted to go with and you arent locked in long-term. Constructive feedback: It is a bit of an investment of time for the first two sessions because the first day you will do x-rays and get an assessment (takes about an hour) and then the second visit is when you get your adjustment after doing a group orientation which takes roughly an hour (although they are transparent about what to expect and the intention is good with some helpful information.) Personally, I would rather have the orientation be optional to attend to save time if you don’t want to do it and just schedule a personal follow up to review my assessment and treatment recommendation. All in all, definitely the most legit shop I have visited and look forward to getting treated here for the long term. I would recommend coming here.

Lanae Long

July 10, 2023

Great Customer Service! They made me feel at home. Everyone really knew their history and made me feel comfortable 🙌🏾

David Hughes

July 3, 2023

Great people! Would recommend to anyone.

Jessica Parker

June 23, 2023

Everyone is soo friendly and helpful! I’ve been going for a few months and already notice soo much of a difference in my posture and spine!

Hernan Rodriguez

June 22, 2023

Mason Cossette

June 22, 2023

Love this place! Always in and out super quick. They can accommodate my flexible schedule which is amazing. I highly recommend this practice. Definitely way better then the cheap "rack and crack" chiropractor that doesn't do X-rays or exams.

Wilson Navarro

June 19, 2023

Gladys Gravely

May 31, 2023

Very informative and professional