After graduating chiropractic college in 2012, I worked as an associate at Advanced Health Chiropractic in Livermore, CA. I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience, however I missed San Diego. I moved back to my hometown in 2015 from Livermore, CA. I was working out of Intouch Chiropractic in Mission Valley until Aug 2018. I opened up Best Life Chiropractic in the Mira Mesa/Scripps Ranch area because growing up I had no idea what a chiropractor was. I grew up in this area, matter of fact I attended Hage Elementary, Wagenheim Middle School and Scripps Ranch High School. I want to help people in the community I grew in. I want to be close to my parents, family and friends. My mission is to help people be the best version of themselves so they can live inspired and make an impact on the world.



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Gerald Palmes - Best Life Chiropractic accepts credit cards.
Gerald Palmes - Best Life Chiropractic has 4.9 stars.
Gerald Palmes - Best Life Chiropractic is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu.
Dr. Gerald is a local chiropractor in Poway, CA, with a mission to improve lives and empower people to live healthier lives through chiropractic care by removing nerve interference and optimizing life potential.
Best Life Chiropractic offers treatment for a wide range of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, spinal decompression, hip pain, whiplash, herniated discs, frozen shoulder, TMJ jaw pain, sports injuries, pregnancy discomfort, posture issues, auto accidents, sciatica pain, bulging discs, pinched nerves, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Best Life Chiropractic provides chiropractic adjustments, chiropractic care for auto injuries, back pain treatment, headache treatment, pregnancy chiropractic care, sports chiropractic care, and pediatric chiropractic care.
A chiropractic adjustment is a technique used to realign the bones, muscles, and tendons in the musculoskeletal system to improve nervous system function and reduce pain.
Chiropractic care can help by resolving spinal joint dysfunctions, realigning musculoskeletal components, and supporting the body's natural healing abilities to reduce pain and improve mobility.
You can schedule an appointment for chiropractic services in Poway, CA, by calling (619) 758-5820.

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Reviews for Gerald Palmes – Best Life Chiropractic


June 27, 2023

The staff was so pleasant and efficient. April was helpful and friendly. Awesome first visit experience. Dr. Palmes explain well the evaluation of my mom and my dad. My parents was given hope to get better. Thank you Dr. Gerald palmes.

Mark Magpayo

June 14, 2023

Based on one consultation appointment, Dr. Palmes seemed to know exactly where my discomfort was coming from. I still have a follow up appointment set to get more answers but really am impressed by his expertise.

Christ Vanctor

June 13, 2023

Great service so far

Manuel Medina

June 8, 2023

Sherry Karvaski

May 2, 2023

I was on vacation and couldn’t do anything due to severe pain. I was scheduled quickly and seen several times, even though he was busy. I felt so much better afterwards and could continue on with my vacation! Both him & his secretary were caring & kind!

Allan Pena

April 27, 2023

This was a great experience. Went in for a consult and walked out feeling a lot better.

Jonathan Trang

April 14, 2023

I woke up one day and chose to be active. I jumped straight into a morning workout that involved sprints and twists... and guess what happened? Yep... injured my low back. The pain was sharp and my back tightened up. I could barely step in and out of the car. I wasn't very mobile at all. Sitting up and down from a couch was painful. I thought I could tolerate it and it would go away, but it didn't. I found Dr. Palmes, went to a consult, and had some x-rays done (off-site). I signed up for a plan and within 2-3 sessions my back pain was gone. I asked him to have a look at a few other areas involving knee / shoulder pain and adjustments have helped there as well. I've been through 3-4 other chiropractors before Dr. Palmes, and he's really been the most effective at a full re-balance of your body. He's extremely professional, kind, and patient - really listening to your needs. His staff are super friendly as well. I highly recommend Dr. Palmes to anyone looking for a chiropractor in San Diego. Thank you for getting me back on my feet! I can resume daily activities without having to think or be cautious about my back!

It Tu

March 24, 2023

Timmy Phillips

February 20, 2023

Dr. Palmer really knows his stuff. Everything is connected to the spine and central nervous system. He helps sort out imbalances that lead to pain reduction. I recommend if you have the money

Andrew Garcia

February 20, 2023

Dr. Palmes is amazing. I struggled with lower back pain from injuries a long time ago and constant headaches. His treatment plan started working day one. My body hadn't felt that good in a long time. They really care about you here and it shows. Sadly I moved away so I couldn't continue my visits, but for anyone in the San Diego area, Dr. Palmes is your guy.