Division Chiropractic is a wellness center with a compassionate focus on integrative and holistic approaches to healing. We provide patient-centered and evidence-based care to all. Our team of thoughtful practitioners want our patients to be pain-free and achieve their optimal health. In our office, we strive for patients to be heard, seen, and empowered in their healthcare and education. We are a Black, Indigenous, woman owned small business that takes pride in our community.


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Division Chiropractic accepts credit cards.
Division Chiropractic has 4.9 stars.
Division Chiropractic is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.
Chiropractic care is a conservative healthcare approach that employs spinal adjustments to enhance the function and mobility of joints in the musculoskeletal system. By improving joint function, chiropractors aim to alleviate discomfort arising from various factors like poor ergonomics, extended sitting, injuries, and more. Soft tissue techniques, therapeutic exercises, and stretches might also be used to aid patients in managing their conditions at home.
Chiropractic care is beneficial for a diverse range of individuals. At Division Chiropractic, patients from different walks of life including adults, children, pregnant individuals, athletes, and desk workers are treated.
Division Chiropractic is a wellness center that takes a compassionate and holistic approach to healing. Their focus is on providing patient-centered and evidence-based care to all individuals. The team of practitioners is dedicated to helping patients achieve a pain-free and optimal state of health. They value patient empowerment and prioritize listening to and understanding their patients' needs. As a Black, Indigenous, woman-owned small business, Division Chiropractic takes pride in its community engagement and support.

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Reviews for Division Chiropractic

Carys Robes

August 7, 2023

Having visited several other chiropractors over the years, I can confidently say Dr. Megan knows her stuff! She is gentle yet thorough and listens attentively in order to target problem areas. Visits are low stress and highly therapeutic. The clinic is super friendly, clean, and accommodating with great receptionists and an all-around passion for good chiro. Highly recommend to anyone looking for that local, family practice that consistently goes above and beyond!

Tiffany Scorzo

July 28, 2023

I have been coming to this location for years. Michelle is fantastic and love her attention to my needs!

Danielle Fisher

July 20, 2023

Best Chiropractor EVER!!! Do yourself a favor and go visit Dr. Allyvia Clasen! She is absolutely WONDERFUL and has worked miracles on my back. Even after my first visit I noticed a huge difference. She is very educated, informative and super fun too! I would recommend her to ANYONE!

Alexa Soto

July 16, 2023

Friends… if you have any want or need with the muscles in your body (I want mine to be less tight) or bones making up your spine (my mid back is always out of whack) the team at division have you covered! The receptionists are extremely professional and welcoming. I get seen my Megan Thompson for chiro and she is gentle yet stern, using all the tools in her arsenal to make you comfortable and feel results instantly. I see Paula for massage and she is so freakin amazing! She makes me feel comfortable, using different techniques depending on my symptoms and mood. I absolutely love it there and have been going there for the last 3 years. They also keep notes on their patients and make it feel like there is a whole team behind your health. I love it and so will you! My fiancé has had scum puncture and really loved it as well!

Victor Valadez

July 5, 2023

The whole experience during the 60min massage was great.I was feeling great and refreshed until I got home and noticed one of my eyes slowly getting more red through out the day. Turns out I got pick eye from resting my face in the table padding. Massage was 5 stars, cleanliness I give it a 1. I called them a few days later, all I got was an “I’m sorry you got pick eye”.

Holly Pink

June 8, 2023

I was in pain for years and nothing helped after chiropractic care at the wrong place, acupuncture, massage and physical therapy I was still in excruciating pain every morning. I still have my bad days, but in general I am almost completely pain free. For awhile I couldn't look up at the sky without feeling like I was choking. I didnt want to work out in the mornings bc i was hurting too bad etc. Like it was real rough..... I am sooooooo thankful for my chiropractor Meghan Thompson at Division Chiropractic. She gave me my life back💖 If you're looking for massage Ada is my go to!!

Lauren Cantine

July 26, 2022

Alison was super laid back but also professional and knowledgeable. She answered my questions but wasn't so chatty I couldn't try and relax. I have a super tense upper back and I could instantly breathe more easily after my first treatment. What I appreciated most is Alison suggesting a few stretches and attention to trigger points she told me would be uncomfortable but helpful (and of course it was). I will be back and recommend DC for professional but approachable treatment.


June 17, 2022

Had a wonderful experience at Division Chiro! The front staff is very friendly and personable and made me feel welcomed on my first visit. Then I met Dr. Thompson, who was just as friendly and personable and took time to listen to all my concerns and made sure to explain step by step what she would do and what I would feel, it was my first chiro session so I really appreciated her. She addressed all my concerns at the first session, and I look forward to continuing treatment with her.

Joanna F

January 3, 2022

I have been going to Division Chiropractic & Acupuncture for Chiro, Acupuncture and Massages. The entire team is fantastic. Lera is amazing! If you have been thinking of getting acupuncture, I Highly recommend her. Always a great experience!

Heather Zurowski

April 2, 2021

Very friendly and helpful administrative staff. Dr. Hanna Naveed is a great chiropractor. She is gentle, but can get everything moving and in place in no time! She is thoughtful personally and professionally. I couldn’t recommend her enough! I haven’t used their other services, but I have heard great things about them!