Austin's famous 3-visit chiropractor! We take pride in getting our patients at least 80% better in 3 sessions, equipped to get the remaining progress on their own, and equipped to never need us again (no offense, we want to see less of you!). Our secret? Find the actual cause of your pain, then fix THAT. We don't waste time with treatments that only give temporary relief, and require you to keep coming back...for years. If you're in pain right now -- or maybe you've had pain for years -- do something about it today. My favorite patients are the ones no one else can fix! Give us a call today! I'm looking forward to meeting you, and hoping to see you get back to the pain-free life you've been missing!


Frequently Asked Questions

Daniel P. Bockmann, DC accepts credit cards.
Daniel P. Bockmann, DC has 4.9 stars.
Daniel P. Bockmann, DC is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.
Daniel P. Bockmann, DC, is dedicated to providing fast and effective solutions for patients dealing with pain and discomfort. His goal is to help patients get back to their active lives quickly without the need for extensive treatment plans.
Dr. Bockmann's approach emphasizes quick results and empowering patients to take control of their health. His practice is known for achieving significant improvements in just a few visits, and he is committed to helping patients avoid long-term, ongoing treatment plans.
The average treatment plan at Dr. Bockmann's practice is just three visits. Some patients may require only one or two visits, while even post-operative rehab patients often find relief within 4-5 visits.
Dr. Bockmann's approach focuses on rehabilitation, which means addressing the root causes of pain and discomfort using therapies and coaching. He identifies the main causes of pain, addresses them, and employs effective treatment tools to facilitate a quick recovery.
During the first visit, patients receive personalized attention as Dr. Bockmann conducts a thorough examination and diagnosis. He spends one full hour with the patient, eliminating "suspects" to pinpoint the cause of pain. Patients receive a clear treatment plan and recovery prediction.
Dr. Bockmann's Fast-Track Rehab Program is a comprehensive approach developed over 20 years of practice. It enables him to achieve remarkable results by identifying causes, addressing the most significant issues, and employing effective treatment techniques.
Patients receive personalized "rehab homework" to continue their recovery between visits. Dr. Bockmann provides video clips demonstrating exercises and stretches, and he encourages patients to reach out with questions or developments during their recovery.
Yes, Dr. Bockmann addresses a wide range of conditions, including back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and more. His treatment approach is adaptable and tailored to each patient's unique needs.
Once patients achieve relief and return to their desired activities, Dr. Bockmann releases them back to their normal routines. He equips patients to continue progress independently and provides ongoing support by phone or email.
The practice is a fee-for-service clinic and is out-of-network with all insurance plans. Patients can request a superbill for potential reimbursement from their insurance companies. Dr. Bockmann also accepts FSA, HSA cards, and even cryptocurrency as payment.
Due to the effectiveness of Dr. Bockmann's treatment plans, patients may require fewer visits compared to other chiropractors or physical therapists. This often results in lower costs overall, even for patients with high deductibles.
Daniel P. Bockmann, DC's practice accepts auto insurance policies (Personal Injury Protection or MedPay) for auto accident or personal injury cases. The practice handles the necessary paperwork to ensure coverage for these cases.
Patients can call the practice to schedule a visit, and Sandra, the practice's staff member, can help find a suitable appointment time. Same-day and next-day appointments are often available for convenience.

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Reviews for Daniel P Bockmann, DC

Ania Pereira

June 29, 2023

I have been going to Dr. Bockmann for many years now when I need an adjustment or have some pain. He is always on point figuring out the reason and prescribing treatment. I never need to see him more than once or twice and my issues resolve following his treatment and exercise regiment. No multiple visits and thousands of dollars spent as with many other chiropractors or orthopedic docs.

Chuck P

June 24, 2023

I saw Dr. Bockmann in late 2022 for nagging back pain that was beginning to affect my flexibility and mobility. I can't speak highly enough about the effectiveness of his diagnosis and treatment plan. In one session he immediately knew my issues, gave me simple stretch and massage techniques I could do myself and my back pain began to disappear immediately. He also answered all of my (probably silly) questions and gave me a ton of helpful info in general. He said I'd see improvement in just a few days and I did. And it was dramatic! Pain and stiffness that was keeping me from my favorite exercise was gone. More than half a year later and I still feel better than ever. When I feel slight flare-ups, the exercises and stretches he gave me get rid of the pain immediately - literally immediately. I would recommend Dr. Dan without hesitation.

Carlos Figueroa

May 30, 2023

Great experience from the scheduling to the appointment. Had severe lower back pain felt like an old man, and Dr.Bockmann knew exactly what to do. Didn’t feel the pressure on returning from Dr.B. He told me what to work on and since i’ve had little to no need to head back. Big help and big thanks.

Maris Loftis

May 4, 2023

From start to finish, I cannot recommend Dr. Bockmann enough! He's attentive, knowledgeable, and caring. He explains everything thoroughly, shows you how to do the exercises, and details your rehab. He also sends you all of the info straight to your email with youtube video tutorials.

Garrett Silver

April 25, 2023

Dr. Bockmann is very professional and also very personable. He tailors your experience very well to your current needs and addresses any and all questions that you could have. He also promotes a healthy and uplifting atmosphere. It, mostly, only takes a couple visits to draw out your underlying issues that you are facing. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who is experiencing any joint/muscular pain or discomfort, or even as a preventative measure if you are going to be getting into moderate to high intensity training!

Michael Fronda

March 3, 2023

Wow! Dr. Bockmann was awesome! I came in with some pretty severe shoulder pain in my right shoulder. Dr. Bockmann was able to effectively communicate to my diagnosis and how to prevent further injury. After massage and strengthening work, I saw immediate results! More importantly I left feeling like I would be able to realistically manage my shoulder in the future. Highly recommend coming through!

K Jeff Lint

February 25, 2023

I've been to many Chiropractors throughout the years and Dr. Bockmann is absolutely the best. I've been through the gauntlet with others and Dr. Bockmann doesn't mess around. He gets it done and gets you back on your feet in a hurry. This man is a true healer.

Bryn Starbird

February 22, 2023

I can't speak highly enough of my experience here! Dr. Bockmann was useful for my physical health even beyond the injury I went in for. He helps your healing with informative training and exercises that allow both for recovery and better preventative care all around. I'm so thankful to be back to the activities I love!

Becca Zapata

January 22, 2023

I saw Dr. Bockmann for my lower back pain. I came to him a week after I threw my back out and when I went for my follow up visit, I was doing everything normally again in my life with no pain. He is very kind and friendly and it's a pleasure visiting his office. I really like his simple philosophy of building up the basics in your body, and the rest should fall into line. I also appreciate that he didn't immediately ask me to come in multiple times a week. I saw him twice and that was it. Thank you for your help Dr. Bockmann!

William Schroeder

January 9, 2023

I have been to Dr. Bockmann several times over the years and always am impressed with how he works with clients. He does a good job assessing the injury, building a plan and practicing it with you, and then he assesses your progress and he gives next steps. You leave with a lot of actionable advice and videos to guide your recovery in the time you aren’t with him. He’s very good at what he does.