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At Complete Chiropractic Health, our mission is to change the health of our community with regular chiropractic wellness care. We've built our business on this foundation. Every one of our Cranberry Township chiropractors is committed to providing you with the best service possible.

How Can Chiropractors at Complete Health Chiropractic Help You?

Cranberry Township Chiropractor Dr.Anthony Manes is passionate about chiropractic and what it can do for you and your family. We know you might have doubts; this is the place you need to be. Caring professionals who listen to you, answer your questions and make you feel safe. We're here to help you get better for life!

Our Mission

Our goal is to make a change and impact in the health of our community by getting our population into wellness care. Seeing chiropractic change people's heath and how it affects their day-to-day lives is very fulfilling.



Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Chiropractic Health is dedicated to transforming the health of the community through regular chiropractic wellness care. Their business is built on this foundation, and their commitment to service is unwavering.
Dr. Anthony Manes, a Cranberry Township Chiropractor, has a deep passion for chiropractic care and its potential benefits for individuals and families. With a focus on attentive care and personalized attention, this is the place to turn to for guidance and improved well-being.
Complete Chiropractic Health aims to bring about significant change in community health by encouraging individuals to embrace wellness care. The positive effects of chiropractic treatment on people's health and daily lives are remarkable and deeply fulfilling.
The commitment of Complete Chiropractic Health to the community is evident from day one. Having contributed over $250K to local charities and donating all new patient fees to charity, they ensure the community benefits along with individual patients.
Over the past 15 years, Complete Chiropractic Health has assisted thousands in finding relief from various issues, including back pain, knee pain, TMJ, sports injuries, headaches, and more, through focused and gentle chiropractic care.
The chiropractors at Complete Chiropractic Health in Cranberry Township offer a range of therapies, including well-known manual manipulation techniques such as the Gonstead Technique, Thompson Drop Table Technique, and occasional use of the Activator tool.
Complementary therapies like electrical stimulation, spinal decompression, intersegmental traction, Flexion-Distraction, and Cold Laser Therapy enhance the effectiveness of adjustments and accelerate the healing process.
Recognizing individual uniqueness, Complete Chiropractic Health ensures that each care plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of the body. Their experienced staff is committed to providing superior care, supporting patients in reaching their health goals.
Dr. Gina finds immense satisfaction in helping patients overcome pain and achieve better overall health without relying on medication or surgery. Her dedication is evident in supporting families, preventing surgeries, and enhancing patients' quality of life.
While Dr. Gina effectively alleviates patients' pain, her true passion lies in guiding them toward maintenance care. This approach ensures optimal mobility and health for sustained well-being.

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Reviews for Complete Chiropractic Health

Monique Klingensmith

August 22, 2023

The Doctors and staff at Complete Chiropractic Health are wonderful! It’s always a great experience from the second you walk in their door to the time you leave. The wait time is super short too! I have been a patient of theirs for about 15 years and they never disappoint. I have worked in healthcare for 27 years and have put my back through the wringer and needed some help. I’ve been with Dr Eric for most of those years and he is absolutely amazing. He is definitely the reason that I am able to continue to enjoy life pain free!

Gretchen Roderick

August 22, 2023

Always a great, helpful visit. They are a professional, courteous, friendly, staff, doctors, and care team.

Becky Helgeson

August 22, 2023

I love this place! All of my boxes for medical services are checked. The friendly, professional staff make you feel welcome, the facility is beautiful and clean, Dr. Eric is amazing. I am grateful for the pain relief!

Tina McNees

August 18, 2023

First class operation.

Keith Kelemen

August 14, 2023

I have been seeing Dr. Eric McCandles for about a year and a half originally for low back pain with sciatica and now for general back health maintenance through monthly adjustments. Because of his top notch excellent care I haven't had any back problems my 1st visit. Every scheduled appointment is a pleasure to keep as the staff present a very friendly, casual atmosphere. The front office staff (Victoria) go above and beyond with scheduling accommodations as well as the proper administration of care. I recommend Complete Chiropractic Health practice for all of your chiropractic needs.

chase Zavarella

August 9, 2023

Went to multiple chiropractors throughout my life and none of them ever did the trick. I have been going to complete chiropractic for 2 months now and notice a huge difference. They truly care for their patients and want them to get better. Dr. Siobhan is awesome and don’t forget about Victoria and Ashley always pushing me to do better in my rehabilitation!!!


August 7, 2023

Very bright, cheerful office atmosphere. Staff super relaxed, friendly and knowledgeable.

Abby Vlogs

August 1, 2023

I am new to all of this and was a little nervous at first but once i got my first adjusment I knew I picked the right place to go. This place is perfect for people who have back pain. Dr. Eric is amazing and he goes around your finacial plans. He understands if you are not finacially stable and works around that with you. All of the staff are so kind and friendly. I reccomend coming here. This is a 10/10

Chip Immekus

July 25, 2023

I was very satisfied for it being my first time at a chiropractor everyone was very friendly

Val Immekus

July 18, 2023

I'm kinda new but so far I really really like everyone at CCH. As soon as u was at the desk Shelby and Nicole knew who I was. They were so friendly and helpful. Dr Eric took the time to explain everything to me step by step. He was very thorough. I am so looking forward to my next visit. Thank you!!!