Reflexology helps: Increase metabolism Remove toxins Helps alleviate migraines Increase circulation And as we already know, helps with relaxation and stress relief!



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Reviews for Bigfoot Reflexology

Dulmini Perera

August 4, 2023


July 31, 2023


Paulo Macias

July 30, 2023

Quanda Bee

July 28, 2023

Great message. I got the 60 min message. I got full body messages for $100. I was relax. When she start relieving tension in my head I got stuffy from sinus😅. The next day I was stiff as a cardboard. It was first full body message. I guess my body wasn’t ready for it😆. I’m good tho. Thanks Staff for awesome service.

Kimberlie Warren

July 19, 2023

Very relaxing, the best foot, neck, back and shoulder massage I've had in years!

Ralphael I

July 10, 2023

Has fallen off in quality

T. C.

July 3, 2023

Shirley and Linda are amazing. Been here a few times and have had them each time. Wonderful, kind, and I feel amazing. I get the 60 mins, 30 on feet, 30 on neck/shoulders and 30 on back. Well worth it and I will be going more often!

Dante Danesi

June 30, 2023

Great value great service I have happy feet!

Yvonne Riggs

June 27, 2023

They did an awesome job on me and my mom. I was pregnant with a lot of swelling. My legs looked completely different after. They got a lot of the swelling down. Do the 60mins! Just make sure to discuss with doctor if your pregnant, because some points in feet and ankles can induce. I was 40wks so wanted to help progress things after discussing with my doc.

Grace Evans

June 19, 2023

90 minute massage best I’ve had. 30 feet, 70 neck and shoulders…amazing!