Paul G Miller DC the Chiropractor health care provider at Alamo Pain & Injury received his Bachelors of Science in Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Then attended Parker University in Dallas Texas for his Doctor of Chiropractic.



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Tristan Lyons

June 25, 2023

The Lyons family loves Dr Paul!! He’s incredible and his heart is bigger than life. -Love my mom, Mrs.Lyons and Cat See you Tuesday when you’re open I hurt my wrist :(

Jelly Lumine

June 10, 2023

Good, great, better a lot after a session


April 22, 2023

Great place, great price. I always recommend him to friends.

Sydney K

April 14, 2023

Is your husband the type to reject going to a doctor until he’s basically incapacitated with pain… and even THEN is quite reluctant? Send him to this no-nonsense chiropractor. He isn’t going to bother him with a lot of paperwork. Your husband doesn’t need an appointment up front and won’t be waiting long in the lobby. No paying for parking and winding your way through a large mess of a building. Just simple, straightforward care, at a CHEAP price. The money this chiropractor saves on being his own office personnel and not dealing with the headache and hassle of insurance and a huge office, he passes on to his patients. Also I haaaate when chiropractors guilt you into a care plan that you don’t need and can’t afford. He isn’t scheduling appointments period so he isn’t constantly hassling you about yours and trying to upsell you on a whole mess of things when all you want is an adjustment. As a former chiropractic assistant I was miserable representing a chiropractor that had me hassle patients. I was so glad to find this chiropractor for my husband and grateful he experienced serious relief on his first visit (and will be back as needed). I look forward to going myself in the future!

Antwan Nicholson

January 23, 2023

Best thing I do for myself. I get a little nervous as I lay on the table, but I feel so good afterwards.

Hazlo Ahora.

January 20, 2023


January 14, 2023

I have been a patient of Dr Miller for several years. He has helped relieve back and hip pain that comes from sitting in a car too long after work or a long trip, yard work, reorganizing my garage. Back maintenance is very important to me after being in an accident. I’m glad to have found Dr Miller. See you next month.

Jim Caldwell

January 13, 2023

My top choice for chiropractors in San Antonio. No overhead fees or initial visit fees. Just a flat $20 fee. Brilliant. Love the walk in flexibility as well. 5 stars.

Theresa Bae

October 18, 2022

Dr. Paul! We found you! You left us at Bandera so we’ve been looking but finally found you! Dr. Paul is great! Knowledgeable, listens, and helps how he can.

Kristin Hernandez

August 17, 2022

Dr Miller has been our chiropractor since moving to SA 4 years ago. We appreciate him for keeping it affordable and consistent quality of care. Always recommending friends to him and they all have same experiences.