Welcome to 1 on 1 Chiropractic, where your well-being is our top priority. Our experienced team utilizes a range of cutting-edge techniques to provide the highest quality care. From Active Release Technique and Cold Laser therapy to Sports Therapy and Low Force Chiropractic (Activator), we tailor treatments to suit your unique needs. Whether you're an athlete seeking peak performance or someone looking to enhance overall health, our comprehensive approach will help you achieve your goals. With expert guidance and the use of Kinesio Taping, we aim to optimize your recovery and prevent future injuries. Experience the difference in our personalized care today.



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Reviews for 1 on 1 Chiropractic

mickey sumner

April 25, 2023

Brenda Wang

April 22, 2022

Very thorough and fixed my sharp back pain entirely!

Christophe Beguel

March 23, 2021

Best chiropractor I have been to! Went in with a knot, unable to move my neck/shoulders. She quickly identified the problem and targeted the proper area, relieving the pain and restoring movement to my neck/shoulders in on e session. Top notch bedsides manner to top it all! Highly recommended!

Peter Shapiro

June 14, 2020

Dr. Nancy has been my Chiropractor for a number of years now. She is the most gifted chiropractor I've worked with. Given I've been trying to put myself back together regularly since about 1983, I've been through a lot of chiropractors. Her intuitive style and multi-disciplined approach has put me back on my feet faster, than any time in my broken old body's history. With her direction and specific instructions, I have been able to live a more pain free life, and have made better decisions, so I don't cripple myself as often as I used to. I'm a cyclist in NYC. She gives you a sense of well being, no matter what condition you are in. and the best sense of humor, to comfort and inspire you, to work on allowing your body to do what it needs to do to heal and get better.

Kaylyn Alexander

February 2, 2020

Hayden Joy

November 16, 2019

Great work!

Elizabeth Du Val

June 28, 2019

Nancy give amazing and thorough care. I no longer live in NY, but when i visit, i often seek her out for help with my chronic knee issues. I have had a lot of chiropractors and body workers for this, and she is really one of the best!

Sohail Azad

September 24, 2018

Best Chiro in town. Highly recommended!

Chiao Chen Lu

August 8, 2017

One Love

August 27, 2015

I never write reviews. I'm on my 3rd trimester was suffering from really bad back pain so much so I sent an email at 4am to see if someone would see me. Dr. Nancy is Amazing! I felt instant relief and pain free. Professional, very friendly, explained the procedures before she did them. I will never go to anyone else!