Top Quality with 28 Years Experience and numerous "Best of". Specialties include Stress Relief, Anxiety Reduction, Neck Pain, Digestive Disorders, Respiratory Problems, Immune Disorders and Woman's Menstrual Irregularities. All treatments include use of "The BioMat" with the complementary Biomat Pillow to deliver Far-Infrared Heating Waves and Negative Ions to increase healing, relaxation and rejuvenation. Patients are loving it. Able to accept all Major Debit and Credit Cards including Health Savings Account Debit Cards (HSA Cards) and Flex Spending Account Debit Cards (FSA Cards) Evening and Saturday Hours are available.



Frequently Asked Questions

Rittenhouse Acupuncture accepts credit cards.
Rittenhouse Acupuncture has 5 stars.
Rittenhouse Acupuncture is open Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat.
Rittenhouse Acupuncture in Philadelphia is recognized as Yelp's Best Acupuncture and #1 Acupuncturist in Philadelphia by Expertise.com. It has also received the Best Acupuncture award from the Quality Business Awards. With over 29 years of practice and 16 years of glowing reviews, it offers painless, safe, and high-quality acupuncture treatments.
Acupuncture at Rittenhouse can address various symptoms in a single treatment, leading to better energy, improved stress management, relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being. Clients often report feeling revitalized and healthier after treatments.
Acupuncture at Rittenhouse can address a wide range of conditions beyond just pain or smoking cessation. It is effective for internal organ problems such as respiratory issues, digestive disorders, female reproductive system disorders, various types of pain, and more.
Acupuncture stimulates acupuncture points using needles, heat, magnets, or acupressure. This stimulation balances the body's electromagnetic energy known as "Qi," promoting homeostasis and improving the functioning of organs and tissues. Acupuncture can be complementary to mainstream medical care.
During the initial visit, a comprehensive health history is taken, including past illnesses, symptoms, and current lifestyle factors. Pulse and tongue readings are performed, which are essential aspects of Chinese diagnosis. Recommendations for vitamins, herbs, supplements, diet, and lifestyle are provided.
Results can often be seen after a single treatment, but it's recommended to undergo three or more treatments to assess effectiveness. The number of treatments depends on factors like the severity and duration of the condition and the individual's overall health.
Yes, acupuncture at Rittenhouse Acupuncture is highly effective for relieving stress in both emotional and physical forms. Many clients seeking an alternative to medication find relief from high stress levels through acupuncture. It can balance emotional responses and alleviate physical symptoms like tension and headaches.
Christopher Hudson is a PA State Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist in Philadelphia. With over 29 years of experience, he has treated numerous patients using painless, disposable needles. He has also taught Oriental Medical Theory and collaborated with physicians in clinical settings.
Yes, acupuncture is effective for "functional disorders" and can be preventive for future illnesses. While it's not a substitute for mainstream medical care, acupuncture can complement it by promoting balance and well-being, even in the absence of overt medical issues.
Acupuncture can address a wide range of conditions such as urinary incontinence, impotence, gallbladder and liver problems, headaches, vertigo, immune disorders, fatigue, and stress-related conditions. It can also act as an adjunct for depression, anxiety, and psychospiritual issues.

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Reviews for Rittenhouse Acupuncture

Devon Tucker

July 20, 2023

Chris is absolutely amazing, and I wish that I had gone to him sooner! There's not enough great things that I can say about Chris, or about acupuncture in general. As somebody who is in the medical field, I hope that acupuncture continues becoming more accepted into the mainstream and recommended by more medical professionals. Chris is truly a testament to the great relief that holistic therapy can provide to a large range of issues. I have struggled with back pain and muscle tightness for years, and was resigned to accepting it. Neither muscle relaxers nor massages helped, and my schedule was too busy to try physical therapy. Even though I went in with an open mind, I was still shocked by the results I saw after just one session. Additionally, after thoroughly covering my medical history, Chris informed me that there were other ailments that I was experiencing that he could address with acupuncture. Chris made the entire experience relaxed and stress-free. He educates his clients as to how acupuncture works and what it can treat, and is very transparent about expected results. I was nervous about being pricked by so many needles, but Chris was absolutely the best person to go to as a scared newbie. His technique is very gentle and prevents any discomfort. I would definitely recommend Chris whether you're nervous about trying holistic medicine, or if this is your hundredth time. I can't recommend Chris at Rittenhouse Acupuncture enough!

Ezra Burstein

July 11, 2023

I could go on for hours about how much Christopher Hudson's acupuncture treatments have improved my life. I had a chronic sweating issue that was debilitating in almost every aspect of my life and I thought I was pretty much doomed (many other health professionals basically said I was...). Chris's treatments have been so effective! I can now socialize and move around in the Philly heat instead of hiding by a fan all summer, something I never thought would be possible. And on top of this core issue that lead me to Chris, he's been a one-stop shop for so many other things: stomach issues, anxiety, sinus relief, sleep, etc. He is so thorough with his intakes, really makes me feel comfortable and informed, and is just all around the real deal. I could not recommend him enough!

samantha prosachik

January 25, 2023

I can’t recommend Christopher enough! He has such an amazing, fun personality and helps me feel so relaxed at the same time. I was recommended to him by a friend to help with shoulder pain but Christopher has helped me with so much more. He really is a one stop shop to help your body get on track and running smoothly. I count down the days til my next appointment the moment I leave his office!

Angus Ryan

July 27, 2022

I came to see Chris because i was experiencing chronic sickness and extreme fatigue for the better half of a year. After inconclusive tests and a lack of solutions from my GP i turned to acupuncture after a family member suggested it. I went into it with some skepticism. A few sessions in and i started to notice a shift in the way i felt. Since i started acupuncture 2 months ago i haven't gotten sick once, when before i was getting head colds and feeling extremely fatigued every other week. I can't Thank Chris enough for the work hes done for me, his treatment has truly worked wonders. Highly recommend!

Aidan Myers

June 16, 2022

I would highly recommend Rittenhouse Acupuncture. I have been to 2 other acupuncture facilities and I have made the most improvement with my condition while being treated here. They are able to customize each treatment specific to the condition and are especially flexible with appointments. They are very friendly and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Katie Ott

March 19, 2022

Acupuncture with Chris really helped me with my symptoms from a car accident. It has made a dramatic difference in my pain levels- I am really thankful for the difference- it has given me more of my pre-accident life back with less pain. Acupuncture has done more than several months of PT. The press needles and heating element that Chris offers I think also really help me. I would highly recommend to anyone, especially anyone who experiences pain.

Rhonda Lewis

March 6, 2022

I do not write reviews, but I wanted people to know my experience with Christopher at Rittenhouse Acupuncture. Over several years my health took a hit from injuries in an accident, loss of employment, and family losses. After physical therapy, medications, and several treatments, I turned to acupuncture as another attempt to feel better. I was extremely skeptical. After my first week with Christopher, I felt a million times better. I could not believe it! Christopher took the time to explain acupuncture and answer all my questions. His patience, knowledge, and ability to make me feel relax and secure was his utmost importance. I have been receiving treatments for 2 months and my energy, pain, IBS, migraines, anxiety, physical and emotional well-being has improved tremendously. I never feel the needles as they are painless, and I am overly sensitive. The relaxation I feel after each treatment feels like a good night's rest. I look forward to my next appointment. Thank you, Christopher, for all that you do! See you next week.

Abby Ronksley

February 11, 2022

I cannot recommend Rittenhouse Acupuncture and Christopher enough! I am new to acupuncture and was a bit skeptical if it was something that would work for me. As someone who doesn't love shots, I was also hesitant about having tiny needles inserted all over my body. Christopher is friendly, knowledgeable, and thoughtful - his 2-hour intake session was one of the most thorough I have ever had for any treatment! He explains the origins of acupuncture and how it may work for each individual and is so gentle with his needles. You can tell Christopher really cares about his patients' well-being and takes the time to get to know each of us individually. He is very prompt in responding and makes himself very available. I really enjoy my treatments with Christopher and have seen a great improvement in my stress levels and overall well-being. He's also a delightful, funny person who I am glad to see every few weeks! If you are thinking about trying acupuncture, go see Christopher!

Rachel Zabinski Williams

November 15, 2021

I came to Chris as an acupuncture newbie with lots of anxiety about needles - would this really work for me? At the time, I was about 2 months out from my wedding, as you can imagine I was super stressed. I was also in the process of coming off of my anxiety meds, which I had been on for 2 years. At my first appointment, Chris took the time to explain how acupuncture works and what it looks like when one responds well to treatment. He immediately told me it doesn't work for everyone (although it does for most) and was honest when evaluating how it worked for me. I appreciated that, made me trust him right away. And it turned out that I am a great responder to acupuncture. It brought my stress and anxiety levels down tremendously, I was able to fully wean off of my anxiety meds within 3-4 weeks. I also felt amazing after every treatment - you leave Chris's office being more relaxed than as if you just had a massage. It is truly remarkable. Adding to it all, Chris is an amazing person. I had a breakthrough COVID infection during our course of treatment and he texted me several times to see how I was doing. He is kind and very funny, visiting him every other week is a treat. I cannot recommend Chris and Rittenhouse Acupuncture enough, and thank you Chris for all that you do!!

Jordyn Kopelson

October 2, 2021

Rittenhouse acupuncture is top of the line acupuncture. I had went to a previous acupuncturist before I discovered this one and am amazed and how much more I am getting out of my sessions at Rittenhouse acupuncture. Christopher is extremely down to earth and truly cares about my health and my healing process. He listens to everything I have to say and addresses all of my medical issues during the session. I would highly recommend him to anyone who suffers from conditions such as headaches, menstrual cramps, joint pain and more. Thank you Christopher, I really appreciate all your help!