Established in 2002. Welcome to Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks, where we provide skilled, quality bodywork and acupuncture, all in a cozy atmosphere. Our quiet Northside office is tucked away from city life, yet incredibly close to the main roads. We are both dedicated and enthusiastic bodyworkers who are constantly furthering our knowledge and improving our work. We put quality over quantity and limit our hours so that we can give 100% to each client. If you are looking for a competent therapist to help you relax, work on an injury or chronic pain, or both, you've come to the right place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks accepts credit cards.
Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks has 4.9 stars.
Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
The spa-clinic in the Northside offers Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage Therapy, and Spa Services. These services are designed to address acute and chronic conditions, mental and physical discomfort, wellness, and self-care.
The spa-clinic is staffed by a group of dedicated practitioners committed to providing excellent care in a serene atmosphere. They offer a range of treatments tailored to individual needs, including Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage Therapy, and more.
Acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy that uses thin needles to stimulate specific points on the body. Most people report minimal to no discomfort during acupuncture. The experience is often described as a quick pinch followed by a sensation of pressure or warmth known as "De Qi." Some even find acupuncture sessions relaxing enough to nap.
Yes, acupuncture needles are sterile, stainless steel, and used once before disposal. The acupuncturist is certified in Clean Needle Technique, ensuring hygiene and safety.
Acupuncture takes a holistic approach, using the body's self-healing capabilities to restore balance. It stimulates circulation, nerve impulses, and immune response. Acupuncture can address a wide range of conditions, including pain management, mental and emotional well-being, gynecological health, and more.
Before your appointment, complete the online health history form. Eat a light meal, hydrate, and avoid caffeine. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing for easy access to arms and legs. Bring a list of medications and supplements.
The first session involves discussing your health history and diagnostic tests. Needles are placed for 15-30 minutes, followed by needle removal and questions. Follow-up appointments include a health discussion and active treatment time with needles or cups.
For acute injuries, 3-5 sessions are recommended, ideally twice a week for the first two weeks. Chronic issues may require 10-12 sessions, typically involving two sessions per week for the first two weeks and one session per week afterward.
These are acupuncture treatments involving tools other than needles. Gua Sha uses tools to scrape the skin, Moxibustion involves burning mugwort near needles, and Cupping uses suction to improve blood flow.
Dry needling is a subset of acupuncture recognized by health organizations. It targets trigger points to release muscle tension and relieve pain. A small twitch is often felt, followed by immediate relief.
Electroacupuncture involves sending gentle electrical currents through acupuncture needles to release neurotransmitters. It's effective in inducing a "rest and digest" state and can help with anxiety, concentration, and more.
Currently, the spa-clinic is not in-network with any providers and doesn't accept insurance. However, clients with HSA or FSA cards can submit receipts for reimbursement.

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Reviews for Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks

Chris Taylor

August 20, 2023

Wonderful space - incredible people. Extremely high quality experience & treatment. Highly recommend.

Soephie Jones

August 17, 2023

My wife and I both have received excellent massages here focusing on regular problem areas for us in terms of tightness and pain. The staff are knowledgeable, kind and great at finding and targeting those problematic areas. The environment is zen, clean and welcoming to all.

Adam Clevenger

August 16, 2023

Great experience!

betsy oneill

August 15, 2023

Ashley is great at accommodating to my needs and has a variety of techniques that feel great.

M Demme

August 7, 2023

Best place that I have been to in a long time, I have been to several other places however Pittsburgh Acupuncture and Massage is now my go to location. Ashley has been my massage therapist both times (both great) however this past time was the best massage I have ever had anywhere! They keep track of your visit and what they do and talk to you and make recommendations if needed. I Recommend to everyone 100%. Next appointment already booked for a rose quartz wrap. Ashley is amazing she did my body ritual today 7/9/23 & 8/6/23 amazing! Ashley is amazing....

Jennifer Vander Plaats

August 5, 2023

Kalene gave me the best massage I've ever had. I had a great deal of tightness/pain in my hips/back/butt area that I've tried to deal with using stretches and exercise but it was ineffective. I couldn't even stand up straight. I thought I was just going to have to live with the pain. But one massage with Kalene, the tightness and pain was gone. I feel like a different person. She really understands how the body works and the various muscles/tendons fit together. She listens to how my body responds to her touch and adjusts accordingly. I have made a regular massage with Kalene part of my monthly self care. It's 100% worth it. Updated on 8/4/23 to add that I have now also gotten a massage with Madeline and it was also amazing. She offers a deeper massage that was painful in the best way. After one session with her, I was able to spend the entire afternoon walking around Living Treasures animal park with no pain and without having to take a single break to sit down. Earlier that week I had tried to go blueberry picking and had to quit about 30 minutes in because my hips/butt hurt too bad to keep standing up. Also highly recommend Madeline.

Chanelle Vass

August 3, 2023

My first appointment with Maddie was amazing!!! I definitely want to thank her for helping to address my lower back pain and all over tightness that left me unable to workout or climb stairs with ease. She was warm and inviting, and helped me understand the reasons for my discomfort as well what we could do to address it. The business itself is clean, inviting and in a nice and centrally located area. I look forward to returning in a month!!

Mercedes M

July 27, 2023

April Lee Uzarski

July 24, 2023

I have been coming here for a little over a year and it’s fantastic. Charles is an amazing massage therapist, and I am so glad he works here. If you are looking for a high quality experience with a bunch of down to earth practitioners, this is your place. It’s welcoming and peaceful to boot!

Samantha Adioetomo

July 20, 2023

kalene and charles were truly wonderful! kalene treated me as a whole person with unique concerns and desires - not just another client due a massage. i felt seen, heard, and cared for. strongly recommend!