Established in 2015. PLEASE NOTE: This business has permanently relocated to Camp Hill, PA / Central PA area. April is still taking remote appointments for reiki and quantum healing, and in-person for local sessions. April does not take same-day appointments. Please email for evening availability or for cancellation/waitlist. April has 10 years hands-on-healing & instructional experience, with certification as Reiki Master Teacher. She also is the first healer in Hawaii to bring the Quantum Resonance crystal bed to the islands. This advanced technology is designed in Mt Shasta, CA. Her goal is to bring you the full reiki & quantum healing experience through crystal and sound therapy & energy transmission during your session that will leave you balanced & clear of emotional & physical blocks. April's goal is to help her clients back to their wholeness by supporting them as they release what is no longer serving their growth + evolution.



Frequently Asked Questions

Golden Light Alchemy Reiki & Quantum Healing has 5 stars.
Golden Light Alchemy Reiki & Quantum Healing is open Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat.
Golden Light Alchemy is a service-mission focused on serving hearts and minds during the transition into the New Earth on a high-frequency heartwave. It combines the highest frequency of Gold Light with alchemical fusion, using reiki, quantum technology, sound, light, and frequency for healing and transformation.
April is a Reiki master teacher, Quantum Healer, Author, Intuitive channel, wayshower, and ascension guide. She passionately guides others to embrace their multidimensionality through ascension work, workshops, retreats, and healing offerings.
Golden Light Alchemy offers multidimensional healings that blend reiki, quantum technology, sound, light, and frequency. Additionally, April hosts activational retreats, workshops, and offers Divinely crafted handmade crystal jewelry charged with Reiki energy and Lunar rays.
April has authored three books. "Essential Chakra Meditations" includes activation codes to encourage healing and awakening, while "The Complete Guide to Chakras" reviews the 12 chakra system and offers guidance for thriving during Earthly ascension.
Quantum Resonance is an advanced therapeutic system incorporating various technologies like Scalar wave, Vogel crystal therapy, Orgone therapy, UV therapy, Infrared therapy, Light/Color therapy, Amethyst Biomat, PEMF, Magnetic Pulse, and more. It offers positive DNA expression, relaxation, immune support, skin benefits, cellular intelligence, brain balance, and more.
Yes, Quantum Resonance treatments can be done remotely, and individuals will receive the full benefits of the therapy.
While the exact location is not specified, it's mentioned that Golden Light Alchemy is in Maui, and it offers a unique full-body sonic immersion experience with Quantum Resonance technology.

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